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What is Pulse oximetry?

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive, painless, small, lightweight test device attached to your body that measures your oxygen saturation level, or the oxygen levels in your blood. It can promptly detect even the smallest changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart.

How to Use

  1. Open the clip and put your finger in the oximeter
  2. Press the on-off button
  3. Do not shake the finger and keep calm during the process
  4. Wait a few seconds and view display results


What is a normal reading on a pulse oximeter?

Normal arterial oxygen is approximately 75 to 100 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

  1. Normal pulse oximeter ranges from 95 to 100 percent.
  2. Values under 90 percent are considered low.
  3. Under 60 mm Hg indicate the need for supplemental oxygen.

What are the 2 readings on a pulse oximeter?

The 2 readings on a pulse oximeter are:

  • Sp02 (Blood Oxygen Saturation)
  • Pulse rate or heart beats

How does this work?

During a pulse oximetry reading, a small clamp-like device is placed on a finger. A small beam of light passes through the blood in the finger, measuring the amount of oxygen. It does this by measuring changes of light absorption in oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. This is a painless process.

How do pulse oximeter help during Covid-19 and do I need one?

When it is hard to asses why there is difficulty in breathing, this device can help early detection of COVID-19 symptoms (if any). It can identify any irregularities in the oxygen flow. It is best to always keep one at home to check whenever required.

NOTE: Low oxygen level Does Not always mean it is due to COVID-19. Consult your doctor at the earliest.

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