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why medlife?

Great Income

Great Income

Get up to 20% commission on medicines and Health Supplements. The more you promote, the more you earn.


exclusive offer

Get customized promotional campaigns specifically for you and your traffic.

Attractive & Engaging Creative

attractive engaging-creative

Medlife provides a great collection of advertising resources like Banners and Text Links for promotions to your network.

Real-Time Tracking


The statistics system is upgraded with some sophisticated Campaign Management tools and a robust tracking facility to get instant reports.

User-Friendly Dashboard

user friendly dashboard

You can easily view how many people have ordered using your link, how much revenue has been generated by your referrals and what is your own pay out – all from an easy to use dashboard.

Multiple Payment Methods

multiple payment methods

Medlife offers monthly pay-out and assures the safest way for payment. Currently, the commissions are paid out via Wire Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Paypal. Both Indian and International affiliates can participate in this

Zero Joining Fee

zero Joining fee

Join Medlife Affiliate Program for free. All you need is a website/ blog/app/social media accounts to promote the products.

24x7 Customer Care Support

24x7 Customer care support

Get personalized support whenever required. You can reach us directly through the Panel by clicking on Contact Us.

affiliate speak

offers on product line

Earn upto 20% per conversion!

frequently asked questions

Medlife Affiliate Program is the simplest and easiest way of earning money online. This program is an opportunity for the website/blog/app owners who want to leverage their online presence. All you need is to advertise our website link on your website/app, drive targeted audience to Medlife and earn a decent commission on every purchase made by your audience effortlessly.
  • Once you register yourself with our Affiliate Program, you can start promoting our website / app on your website, blog or app. All you need to do is:
    • Join as an Affiliate & submit your details
    • Showcase website link in your website/blog/app
    • Drive targeted users to Medlife
    • Get paid on every sale
    • A person needs to be above the age of 18
    • A person having his/her own website / blog / app / social media accounts
    • A person should be in position to provide all the required documents
  • Follow these simple steps and earn a decent commission on every purchase by advertising our products on your platform.
    • Step 1 - Go to
    • Step 2 – Click on ‘Join Now’ and enter your all the details
    • Step 3 – Read and agree to the online terms and conditions
    • Step 4 – Click on ‘Sign Up’ and you will become our registered partner
No. There is no subscription fee involved in joining our Affiliate Program
  • Yes, there is an approval process. Though initially your account is auto-approved as soon as you register as a Medlife Affiliate; after sign up, your website is reviewed over the next few days and based on the review of your application and website/app/blog, one of the following scenarios may apply:
    • Your account status remains Active post the approval process.
    • Post verification, Medlife is of the opinion that your website(s), blog or app does not fall under the eligibility criterion that is set for Medlife affiliate. In such a case, your account and any accrued payments until that time will be cancelled and your account deactivated.
Medlife offers 15% commission on successfully delivered orders with max. cap of INR 450 per order for new users and 5% commission on successfully delivered orders with max. cap of INR 300 per order for repeat users.
You can reach us directly through the Panel by clicking on Contact Us tab at the bottom left corner of the Panel.
You will receive all the latest announcements, updates and notifications from the Medlife Affiliate Team on the home page (under ‘Recent Notifications’) once you login to the portal.
    • Login to your affiliate account at
    • Go to My Account, then click on Account Details
    • Click on ‘Change Password’
    • Update your password and click on ‘Change’
    In case you’ve forgotten your password, go to Click on ‘Sign In’ Page and then click on ‘Forgot Password’. An e-mail with the instructions to reset your password will be sent to your registered e-mail ID.
An Affiliate ID is a unique tracking ID assigned to all accounts, and is the primary tracking parameter used to identify affiliates. This ID is to be used by the Affiliate partner in all promotional links to identify whether a particular visitor has been referred to Medlife by him/her.
Log in to your affiliate account from Click on one of the offers from ‘Featured offers’ and you will be able to see the tracking link on the top of the page.
You do not have to change the links to get attribution for App installs. All links on a mobile device will automatically re-direct the user to the particular page on the App. If the App is not present, it will re-direct the user to the Play store. In case the user does not wish to install the App, he will be re-directed to the m-site.
There are 3 tracking parameters used in an affiliate link - utm_source, utm_campaign and transaction_ID. These are the unique identifiers which need to be added at the end of the Medlife page URL to be promoted, so as to track the transactions made through your links. If a user purchases a product through your affiliate link with the correct tracking parameters, the transaction can be traced back to your account, thus making you eligible for your referral fee.
  • You can always find it by following these steps:
    • Login to your affiliate account on
    • Go to the My Account section, then click on account details page and you will find your tracking ID under Company details
Sub-IDs are tracking parameters provided to affiliates for their internal tracking and to classify their users into different segments. For instance, an affiliate who sends traffic to Medlife from two different pages can give different values to the sub-IDs of these pages.
Your account may get blocked due to a number of reasons, such as suspected fraudulent activity, running SEM campaigns on Medlife brand’s keywords, violating any of the terms and conditions of the Medlife Affiliate Program, etc. In order to re-activate it, please write to us at mentioning your affiliate ID and registered email address.
We request you to kindly drop us an email at with your Affiliate ID, and the reason why you wish to close your account. If you are not happy with the resolution given, we will go ahead and close the account for you.
  • You can update the information by following these steps:
    • Login to your affiliate account at
    • Go to My Account section and then click on Account Details
    • Update your contact information and click ‘Save’
  • To update your Bank details,
    • Login to your affiliate account at
    • Go to My Account section and then click on Billing
    • Update your bank details and click on ‘Apply’
    In case you want to update your PAN details, please drop an e-mail to The PAN details will be changed only if a new PAN is created for the individual / organisation.
  • If you are a domestic affiliate, following information is required to release your payment:
    • Payee Name: Name of the bank account holder
    • Bank Account number to which the payments will be wired
    • IFSC code corresponding to your account number
    We will also require the soft copy of cancelled cheque & PAN card (to be uploaded on the affiliate panel). We will contact you separately in case we need more information.
Please email us at with the complete list of websites you want to promote the Medlife Offers on, and we will update it for you.
  • Domestic Affiliates will need to upload the following documents on the affiliate panel:
    • Scanned Copy of cancelled cheque or passbook – This is to ensure that the bank details (account no. & IFSC code) entered by you on the panel are correct.
    • Scanned Copy of your/ company PAN card – The name on the PAN card and the name with which the affiliate account has been registered should be same
  • Foreign / International Affiliates will need to update the following documents (of the current financial year) on the affiliate panel:
    • Permanent Establishment Certificate
    • Form 10F
    • Form W10 (Only for US based affiliates)
    • Tax Residency Certificate
    • Bank Details on the organisation letterhead
    • There is no minimum threshold amount to receive the commissions.
    • Wire transfer / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Paypal
As per Medlife’s payment terms, if your bank details are correctly updated, any order tracked through your affiliate link will be validated against the transaction recorded.
Currently, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the only mode of payment available on the Medlife Affiliate Program. Medlife does not provide gift vouchers, ecash or coupons against the commission earned.
  • If your PAN details are provided correctly, 5% TDS is deducted for pay-outs. As per Income Tax Act 1961 (India), 20% TDS will be deducted for pay-outs if you have not updated your PAN number, or if it is incorrect. To avoid bearing the additional TDS deduction, please ensure that your PAN number is updated correctly in our records.
  • Note :

    1. Percentage of TDS : 5% TDS is applicable for pay-outs for Financial Year 2017-18. The same is subject to change as per Government Regulations.
  • 2. Income tax Act has provided a threshold of Rs 5000/- for non-deduction of TDS. However, the same will not be applicable on payments done due to practical issues in tracking these limits.
  • Payments to Non-Residents of India:

    TDS for payments to non-residents will be done on the basis of receipt of applicable documents & as per requirements of Income Tax Act,1961.
The Commission amount viewable on the affiliate panel is exclusive of GST. Affiliates whose commission is released against invoice are requested to raise the invoice accordingly. In order to process the affiliate commission against Invoice, please email us at to change your mode of payment to ‘via Invoice’. Please mention your ‘GST Number' and the 'Registered name' of your company on it. Also, mention Medlife’s GST number on the invoice raised (GSTIN of Medlife: 29AAJCM4627M2ZU). Once this is received, the payment of invoice will be done inclusive of GST.
Go to the Reports > Conversion Report section. Here you will find a summary of Conversions and Payout.
Go to the Reports > Performance Reports section in your portal. Select the date range (1 week by default view). Here you can view date-wise the number of Visits, Orders Approved, Conversion Rate, & Commission earned.
Yes, you can download all reports for any time range by clicking on the Download CSV link on each report. These reports are available in CSV format.

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