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Hard Rock Herbal are capsules that aids in men’s sexual debility. These capsules are made from natural ingredients.


Natural herbs and spices

How to Use

1 capsule before sexual activity or as instructed by the doctor


1) What causes male sexual debility?

Physical and psychological reasons may impact sexual performance. Health reasons are also a factor.

2) At what age does a man start losing libido?

From the age of 40-45 years on wards men usually face sexual problems, it can be due to hormonal changes, medications and even stress play an important roll that effects men’s sexual activities.

3) Are there medications to resolve impotency and other sexual debility?

There are a variety of treatments to reverse sexual debility.

4) Does smoking impact on impotence?

Yes smoking and a lot of alcohol consumption also leads to impotency.

5) Why do some men suffer premature ejaculation?

Health, hereditary, physical factors may be responsible for premature ejaculation.

6) Is male sexual debility a common problem?

It is a problem faced by a lot of men, but it is definitely treatable.

About Manufacturer


Al-Rahim Remedies has worked effectively and are manufacturing nutritional supplements products. They are trying to establish it as the manufacturers and traders of natural and Dietary Supplement. A system of Dietary Supplement with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent and it is globalized and modernized practices derived from nutritional supplements traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine.

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Country of Origin: India

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10 Capsules


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a dry place
  • Keep away from children