10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth


It is stated that the type of food you eat will affect your general health and it can be seen in no other spot than your teeth. That is because numerous foods and drinks can cause plaque, which harms your teeth. 

Plaque is a microscopic organism filled with a sticky film that adds to gum disease and tooth decay. After you eat a sweet bite or meal, the sugars cause the bacterias to deliver acids that assault the tooth’s polish. Cavities can develop if the enamel breaks down.

Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Cavities are the most well-known ongoing illness looked at by individuals aged between 6 to 19, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They cause complications like agony, biting issues, and tooth abscesses. Also, on the off chance that you don’t brush or floss your teeth, your plaque will solidify and transform into tartar. Tartar over the gums can prompt gum disease, an early type of gum illness.

How can you keep plaque from unleashing devastation on your mouth? Other than brushing your teeth, at least two times every day and flossing and visiting a dental specialist consistently, try to stay away from or restrict the foods mentioned below.

1. Dried Fruits

You probably expect that dried fruits are a healthy snack. That might be valid, but many dried fruits like apricots, prunes, figs, and raisins, are clingy. They stall out and stick in the teeth and their hole, deserting bunches of sugar. If you do get a kick out of the chance to eat dried fruits, ensure you wash your mouth with water, and afterward brush and floss. As they’re less concentrated with sugar, it is a superior decision to eat the fresh ones instead.

Dried Fruits

2. Bread

Think twice before you stroll down the grocery store to buy a pound of bread. When you bite the bread, your spit separates the starches into sugar. Presently changed into a sticky glue-like substance, the bread adheres to the crevices between teeth. Which can cause cavities. At the point when you’re needing some carbs, focus on less-refined varieties like entire wheat. These contain less included sugars and aren’t as handily separated.


3. Sour Candies

It’s not amazing that candy is awful for your mouth. In any case, sour candy contains more and various types of acids that are harder on your teeth. Furthermore, because they’re chewy, they adhere to your teeth for a longer period, so they’re bound to cause decay. In case you’re craving desserts, get a square of chocolate rather, which you can bite rapidly and wash away without any problem.

Sour Candies

4. Spaghetti

This mainstream food thing contains tomatoes and pasta, which together are awful nourishments for your teeth. Tomatoes are acidic and pasta has a ton of carbohydrates that bacterias love. Together they assault your teeth and cause rot. Like bread, pasta is loaded with carbs. Yet, the two of them are scrumptious! So it’s important to drink water regularly.


5. Citrus

Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are scrumptious as both fruits and juices and are stuffed with vitamin C. Their corrosive substance can disintegrate enamel, making teeth more defenseless against rot. Crushing a lemon or lime into water adds acid to a beverage. 

Furthermore, acid from the citrus can be bothersome to mouth wounds. Eat, savor, and control them at supper time and flush with water subsequently to get a dose of their antioxidants and vitamins.


6. Starchy Foods

We will in general consume a ton of junk, bland food without knowing the delayed consequences. Potato chips, white bread, pizza, pasta, and burgers can easily get held up among teeth and in the cervices between two teeth. 

Concurred they are not sweet or sugary but rather the starch in these nourishments before changing over into sugar very quickly due to the digestive process that starts in our mouths. The sugar is unsafe and our enamel starts turning out to be decalcified.

Starchy Foods

7. Carbonated Drinks

We as a whole realize that little, if any, good originates from soda or pop, regardless of whether it has “diet” on the can. A recent study even found that drinking enormous amounts of carbonated soft drinks could be as harmful to your teeth as utilizing methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks empower plaque to deliver more corrosive to assault tooth enamel. So if you taste or sip a soft drink in a day, you’re covering your teeth in acids. Besides it dries out your mouth, which means you have less spit. Also, to wrap things up, dark shaded soft drinks can discolor or stain your teeth. Do not brush your teeth after drinking a soda or soft drinks; this could fasten tooth decay.

8. Coffee and Tea

Numerous individuals need coffee or tea to kick-off their day. What could be terrible about that? All things considered, the two drinks contain acid that can assault teeth and gums. Coffee and tea additionally are diuretics, which can restrict spit and cause dry mouth. In the wake of appreciating a good coffee or tea, wash some water around your teeth to eliminate any acids.

Coffee and Tea

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s viewed as a solution for a few well-being concerns, yet apple juice vinegar is awful for your teeth. It contains high measures of acid that can assault tooth enamel. If you drink minimum quantities of apple juice vinegar for health reasons, try to weaken it with water. Savor it in one sitting. Subsequently, thoroughly flush your mouth with fresh water to eliminate the acids from your teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

10. Alcohol

We as a whole realize that drinking liquor isn’t solid. Yet, did you understand that when you drink, you dry out your mouth? A dry mouth will lack saliva, which we require to keep our teeth healthy. Spit keeps food from adhering to your teeth and washes away food particles. It even helps fix early indications of tooth rot, gum sickness, and other oral contaminations. To help keep your mouth hydrated, drink plenty of water, and use fluoride washes and oral hydration solutions.



Your teeth are one of the most significant things in your body. They help separate supplements for your body to assist you with remaining solid and sound. They additionally give you a stunning grin and make you more agreeable. Here are some frequently asked questions that will give you insight. 

  1. How frequently would it be advisable for me to have a dental test and cleaning?

You should have your teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year, however, your dental specialist or dental hygienist may suggest more regular visits depending on your teeth health.

  1. How frequently would it be advisable for me to change my toothbrush?

It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months keeping your teeth healthy.

  1. Does mouthwash help your teeth?

Yes, If you are regularly mouth washing or rinsing your teeth then it protects from the cavity, sensitivity, and fresh breath. It is advisable to consult your dentist and follow their opinion. 

  1. Is Smoking, Sweets, and Ice bad for your teeth?

Yes, Smoking and biting tobacco can cause oral cancer and gum disease. Sweets and foods with acids, similar to candy and soda, could adhere to teeth and lead to cavities.

Teeth likewise assist you with articulating your words and make and keep discussions with associates, companions, and outsiders. Having a solid and complete arrangement of teeth likewise helps keep your face and bone structure solid. Teeth are a significant and very overlooked part of the human body.


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