10 Best Government Hospitals in Mumbai


This article will list the top 10 government hospitals in Mumbai.

The Indian city of Mumbai has a population of around 18.4 million and it is rightly famous for a number of reasons. Located on the west coast of the country, Mumbai not only has the largest and most dense population, it also has some of the best government hospitals in India. When you consider the number of people who live here and add to that the fact that millions come here to work and visit their family, it is a very good thing that the medical facilities are so good. Whilst there are also some top end private hospitals in Mumbai, this article is looking closely at their government counterparts and we’ve narrowed them down to a shortlist of the 10 best hospitals. We’ll look at each one and talk a little about the way they specialize in theparticular area of medicine or surgery. So without further ado, here are the top 10 best government hospitals in Mumbai.

Sir J. J. Hospital

Also known as Grant Government Medical College, this is considered as one of the most important medical institutions across India. Affiliated to Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy Group of hospitals, it takes in approximately 200 new students each year for their undergraduate degree. With a huge capability thanks to the 2844 beds, the hospital can help around 1.2 million outpatients annually and around 80,000 in-patients. The Sir J. J. Hospital is one of only 8 Indian medical establishments that have been acknowledged by the Singaporean medical council. Established back in 1845, the hospital played a large part in the development of Bombay during the 19th century and beyond. Sir Robert Grant endorsed the building of the medical school with the financial help of Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy. With dozens of departments and faculties, the hospital also boasts grounds spreading over an impressive 44 acres and one of the most progressive research societies in the country.

Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital

Also known as Sion hospital, this prestigious medical establishment was formed in 1947 and originally only had 10 beds to offer patients. It has since grown into a multi-specialty hospital which is regarded as one of the best in India. Sion hospital is located in the suburbs of Mumbai and has both international and national connections thanks to its reputation within the medical world. With over 1400 beds and dealing with trauma injuries as well as very complex health issues, Sion is attached to the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital. Lokmanya Tilak was a famous freedom fighter and the hospital specializes in offering its services to those less fortunate in Indian society. The ‘Trauma Care Centre’ has cutting edge medical facilities and was the first of its kind in the whole of the country, some say it was the first in the whole of Asia.

Dr. R. N. Cooper Medical College and General Hospital

The Dr. R. N. Cooper Medical College and General Hospital was originally set up as a maternity home back in 1969. It was upgraded to a proper hospital in 1970 and is now one of the best government hospitals in the country. 1999 saw a major facelift as the hospital was considered to be unfit for use after years of apparent neglect. Located in the Juhu area of Mumbai, the hospital is soon to have a fully functioning medical college that will be jointly run by the Bal ThackerayTrauma Care hospital. With more than 20 departments that include Microbiology, Community Medicine, Physiology and Anatomy, the Dr. R. N. Cooper Medical College and General Hospital can offer many medical solutions for the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Its main weakness is possibly the fact that the hospital currently only has 940 beds on offer and that’s partially the reason why the new development has been planned for the future.

Tata Memorial Hospital

Established in 1941 and affiliated to the Homi Bhabha National Institute, the Tata Memorial Hospital specializes in cancer treatment. In fact, it is known as the national comprehensive cancer care and as well as treatment, it also offers preventative care and educational research. Supported by the Department of Atomic Energy with the help of the renowned Sir Dorabji Trust, the Tata Memorial Hospital faces the needs of the Indian people head on. Back in 1952, the center was involved in some pioneering research work that helped to establish it as a front runner in the war against cancer. Over 30,000 new patients visit the Tata Memorial Hospital every year from India and countries from all over the world. Around 70% of them receive their treatment free of charge and the work carried out is of the highest standards.

Government Dental College and Hospital

The Government Dental College and Hospital is one of the finest of its kind in India and offers a variety of dental courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as dental work for patients. Located on George Road in the Fort area of Mumbai, the Government Dental College and Hospital has an excellent reputation for dental work on many different platforms. This type of government hospital plays a very special part in the way that Indian people can get help with their dental health. Many are not able to pay for private dentistry and as a result, they can suffer from poor dental hygiene. Thanks to the likes of the Government Dental College they are able to get the treatment that they need without being out of pocket.

King Edward Memorial Hospital

The King Edward Memorial Hospital is affiliated with Seth G.S. Medical College and together they are one of the premier teaching and medical care institutions in the whole of India. Established back in 1926 as a public health concern, the Kind Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth G.S. Medical College offers education to around 2000 new students each year and more than 1.8 million out-patients annually. The hospital and college receive their funding from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and as such are able to offer free medical help to the lesser fortunate members of society. There is also a renowned nursing college associated with the establishment and these are all located in the Mumbai areas known as Parel. Dr. Jivraj Mehta was partially responsible for the success of the establishment and thanks to his selfless contribution that the hospital and college are able to offer such sterling services and support today.

Kasturba Hospital

This government hospital was established in 1945 and currently has 1000 beds available to patients. Dr. Sushila Nayyar was the founder of Kasturba Hospital and the Government aided medical establishment specializes in offering care to the more rural residents of the region. The patron of Kasturba hospital is Mr. Dhiriu Mehta and since 2004, the whole of the hospital has been computerized. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences was affiliated with Kasturba Hospital in 1969 and this helped to established it as one of the foremost government medical centers in the whole of India. It is one of the most advanced hospitals in terms of patient record technology and the paper-based record keeping will soon be a thing of the past.

Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital

The Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital is located in South Mumbai and was built in 1875. The hospital underwent plenty of new construction since that time and offers an interesting mix of old and new architecture. This free hospital is a prime example of how government hospitals can be run and thanks to donations over the last century, it is able to offer a very high level of medical care to those who are less fortunate in society. Rustomjee Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy was one of these benefactors who promised to donate a huge £15,000 in 1965 so long as the Indian government could come up with £10,000 of their own to help with the medical establishment. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce the money due to an unforeseen financial issue and the money eventually was raised thanks to Gokuldas Tejpal, hence the name of the medical establishment. The early hospital was built in a Gothic style similar to English buildings of the day.

Saifee Hospital

The Saifee Hospital is located in the Charni road area of Mumbai and was established back in 1948. It offers 250 beds and is a well-known multi-specialty hospital that has an extremely high reputation across the country. The hospital specializes in offering surgical, therapeutic, medical and diagnostic services. After the Mumbai bombing in 2011, the hospital famously offered free medical emergency services for victims of the blast. Saifee Hospital underwent a total rebuild in 2001 that was completed some 4 years later in 2005. The Prime Minister of India at the time, Dr. Manmohan Singh was invited for the special occasion and the classical architectural style of the new buildings helped to elevate its presence amongst the best medical establishments in India.

Seth V.C. Gandhi & M.A Vora Municipal General Hospital

Also known as the Rajawadi Hospital, this medical establishment can be found in the same named area of Mumbai. It opened its doors in 1958 and was modernized in 1976 when the bed count rose to 570. It was built on the land that once belonged to King Gaikwad of Baroda and this land was bought in 1950 by the Bombay Municipal Corporation. The hospital specializes in many areas of medicine and has a very good reputation as a government hospital in Mumbai. Areas of expertise include oncology, ENT, Paediatrics, Diabetes, General surgery, and Gynaecology.

So we have looked at the top 10 government hospitals in Mumbai and we think that you will agree that these are an excellent collection of medical facilities. Collectively they are able to offer the average Indian a selection of world class medical facilities without breaking the bank. Indeed, many of them are able to give free treatment and aftercare to many millions of patients and that is a great achievement. These government hospitals in Mumbai are a credit to the area and also to India as many of them are recognized all over the world because of the variety and elevated level of medical care that they can provide.

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