10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For Her (For Women)


As this year’s  Valentine’s Day approaches there are many men out there losing their mind to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Finding a gift that resonates with the amount of love you have for her can sometimes be very hard. A gift talks a lot about where you stand in the relationship and how much she means to you. Therefore you need to be extra careful while choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner.

Valentine Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February and is the most awaited day for most lovers. Whether you choose to take part in this age-old tradition is up to you, but it goes without saying that if you do, finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend might be a bit overwhelming for you. In the below list you can find 10 best gifts that can bring a smile on your loved ones face for this Valentine’s Day.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas For Women:

Finding the perfect gift can only be done if you understand the needs of your partner very well. A perfect gift can range from a loving rose to a car based on what she actually wishes for. But, since none of us are mind readers here, we will try and list some gifts that are safe to present and can ensure that your relationship goes on smoothly without any cracks. Also, keep in mind that this is a general list and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can only be chosen based on your women’s preferences.



This is one of the safest gifts that you can give to your girlfriend. If you have noticed her staring at a dress when you took your wife or your woman shopping last time and she decided not to take it for whatever reasons, she will absolutely be astonished if you get it for her on this Valentine’s Day. The additional benefit is that she’ll be swept off her feet when she discovers that you actually took notice of what she was paying attention of and this can be a great boost for your relationship. Even if you do not remember any particular instances, get your woman a dress in which you think she’ll look absolutely stunning and this should do the job for you.



The power of smell is a truly wonderful thing. If your special ones have got a thing for fragrances this could be the perfect gift for her on this  Valentine’s Day. There are various ranges of perfumes, so make sure you do your research well on what perfume she might actually like and use regularly. The smell should resonate with your wife’s or girlfriends persona and this is very important. Imagine the fact that she’ll always remember you when the fragrance that you gifted is around her. This is a very safe and stunning gift that you can give to your loved ones, provided that you have a good nose for perfumes.

3Organic Beauty Products:

Beauty Products

This is a tricky one as you do not want your girlfriend to be thinking that you bought your girlfriend makeup because you think she’s not pretty enough. The key to do this is to pay attention to the kind of products she uses and what brands she prefers the most. Most women enjoy the fact that you pay close attention to her details. So, if your special lady is crazy about makeup, then you should be getting her an organic makeup that can do good for her skin.

It also sends the message that you care for your loved one enough that you want her to use healthy makeup instead of the chemical-laced artificial ones. Just take care that you get the makeup with the correct undertone for your woman’s skin colour and all other details are in check. Get help from your lady friends if you are not very confident by yourself.

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Trust me, chocolates are the best gifts that can rescue you if you are looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. Chocolates are always safe, and if she is on a diet, then make it a point to get your girl dark chocolates as this can also speak volumes about the sweet love you harbour for her.

Finding the right chocolate again depends a lot on how much you know about your girlfriend or wife. You should pay attention to the kinds of chocolates she chooses on her own, ask around to find if she is particularly fond of any special brands and this could make her feel so special. The sweetness of chocolate and the mesmerizing feeling of sharing it with your lover will undoubtedly be a great boost for your relationship.

5Instant Camera:

Instant Camera

If your loved ones are all about capturing special moments with selfies and pictures then getting your girlfriend a Polaroid camera will be the perfect gift for this valentines. The romantic value assigned to this cute product is undebatable. The happiness of having a polaroid delivered instantly that she can preserve forever speaks volumes about what you actually expect from the relationship and that you are in this for the long run. There are multiple applications to this gift as she can now fill an entire wall the pictures that she holds close to her heart and you will definitely make a lasting impact on her mind with a gift of this sort. For once you may also make her fall in love with photography which she has been only experimenting with all the cute selfies she sends you.



This is yet another safe gift you can choose if you are serious about your relationship. Buying your woman jewellery is a huge step in any relationship and doing this on  Valentine’s Day makes it extra special. Choosing the right kind of jewellery is also important and depends a lot on the kind of persona your lover has. If she’s is an old soul with a thing for classics, getting her a traditional design could make her feel like you understand her well. If she is more in sync with the current styles and trending designs then ensure that you put in an effort to find her a stunning design that is actually very novel and rare.

7Custom Pillow:

Cusstom Pillow

This one of the gifts available in the contemporary space of Valentine’s Day gift market. The key is to find the best picture of a beautiful moment you both shared together and printing it out on a cosy pillow. It might look a bit a cheesy, but if you get the right picture and the right form of pillow the functionality of it alone can cancel out the factor of cheesiness.

When choosing the picture make sure that you choose one which is not very intimate so as that she has to hide the pillow from others. Select a picture in which you are both in love and could serve as sweet memory when she is sad and she misses you. Finding the right pillow size that could fit in your girls hands is also equally important.

8Spa Ticket:

Spa Ticket

If you are planning to take your special one on a date for this valentines, make to a very good spa session where she can relax and unwind in the comfort of your presence. A couple spa and massage session can very rejuvenating and make you both invite a lot of happy and fresh space in your relationship. Make sure you select a spa with good quality and ambience as dark and dingy places will not work out very well. A relaxing spa followed by some good food will be a great relief if your loved ones are leading a hectic lifestyle with a job and other stress. She would love you, even more, when she finds out you care about your girlfriend or wife’s comfort to this extent.



Just getting her a tiara won’t do the trick. You have to sell it by treating your girlfriend like a princess all the time. Bring out all your romantic instincts to pull off this one. Make her feel like you always adore her like a queen and you’ll be her king forever. Additional characters coming into play will also do a great deal of good if you’re gutsy enough to pull off the princess routine. You should bring all your creativity at play here and pray that you don’t take it too far, it’s a delicate thing to do, but if you make her feel like an actual princess, chances are she’ll make you the king of her heart soon enough.

10A Book:


This will only work if your girl is an avid reader and the book you select is actually about the stuff you and girlfriend both love equally. This goes beyond just giving your girlfriend a romantic book, you need to work around her and find out what kind of books she likes to read, what genre does she like to read over and over and choose the perfect one out for her. Also, remember to write something nice from the heart on the first page of the book, every time she opens the book your handwriting should be the first thing she sees and what you have written should be genuine, funny and personal and should be in sync with the story of the book. You cannot under any circumstances take a chance by buying your girlfriend a book that you haven’t read before.

It goes without saying that nailing the perfect gift for this  Valentine’s Day will be a great effort on your side, since most men are not great at shopping altogether, make sure that you take an ample amount of help from everyone to ensure your loved one’s happiness, but also make sure you only buy your wife or girlfriend something of your own choice and only take suggestions from other sources. No one can know your relationship better than you. And also remember don’t forget a note with all the gifts you choose to give.

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