10 Daily Habits that will Transform you into an Extremely Happy Person


How many times have you tried hard, albeit in vain, to calm that irritating headache that keeps invading your head just when you are trying hard to focus on work. And to add to the misery, you have a deadline to meet.

Maybe your boss is considerate and he/she cuts you some slack every now and then, but you still need to do something about the headache. After all a recurring headache problem can imply plenty, from just being a headache to something life threatening like cancer. While seeking medical assistance is necessary in such cases, you can take preemptive measures to keep your body fit. How can you do this? For starters, you can adopt these 10 no nonsense healthy habits.

At first glance, they might come across as very ordinary and something you may have heard repeatedly. But never bothered to apply them because it always seemed so out of your reach. We have tweaked them slightly to make them more convenient, easy to follow. Starting so sound feasible, they are just that and more. Don’t just spend a few minutes reading this article, instead absorb it in. Zone out everything else for the next 10 minutes and zero in on this article with single minded focus. By the time you come out of it, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to transform yourself.

10 dily habits that will transform you into an extremely happy person

1. Break your Fast Every Morning:

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the entire day. What you eat during this meal will determine how your body will function for the rest of the day. This is why breakfast must never be skipped. It is a myth that skipping this meal will aid you in losing weight. Instead, doing so can lead to other health concerns.

Have a hearty breakfast each morning, which includes proteins, carbohydrates and even a small amount of fat, in order to keep your body healthy.

2. Don’t let Anything get in Between your Sleep:

The importance of sleep for enjoying good health is often overlooked. Sound sleep is the only way in which the proper functioning of your entire body is regulated. However, most people choose to reduce the time spent sleeping in favor of work or other activities. This can cause severe harm to your body and mind in the long run.

Ensure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye every night. This will leave you feeling energetic and refreshed the next morning.

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3. Socialize and Make Real Friends:

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. While proper food and exercise is a brilliant way to keep your body healthy, the mind needs something more. You may have often heard the phrase- Man is a social animal. It means that all humans thrive to have a meaningful relationships and friends in their lives. You should stop being a loner and meet like-minded people. This will surely help you stay happy and healthy.

4. Hit the Gym:

As much as you may hate working out, your body loves the activity. By hitting the gym or working out properly at home, you can ensure a healthy cardiovascular system. Remember that building muscles is not the primary concern here. That is just the by-product of a proper workout regimen. The real objective for you is to maintain the proper body weight and at the same time keeping your heart and other organs in pristine condition.

5. Ditch the Fried Chips for a Fresh Fruit:

It is normal to feel hungry between two meals. For instance, most people feel the need to eat between breakfast and lunch. However, most of these people make the mistake of choosing an unhealthy snack to satiate this hunger. Instead of filling yourself with fried snacks or pastries, you can choose to have a fresh apple or an orange. This will leave you feeling full, while at the same time preventing unhealthy fats from clogging your arteries.

6. Ample Fluid Intake:

Fluid here does not mean alcohol or carbonated drinks. The fluid we are referring to here includes water and milk. Water is vital for the proper functioning of the body and even a day without it can cause severe dehydration. You need to drink ample amounts of water every day. This will detoxify your body and also help regulate the functioning of both the kidneys and the lever.

Milk or dairy products, on the other hand, are the greatest source of calcium for the body. Calcium is vital for maintenance of bones and teeth in all humans. If you do not like to drink milk, you can have paneer or curd instead as well.

7. Pursue your Hobbies:

Even in this busy age, you have to take time out for yourself. The best way to do this is to invest time in the hobbies or activities of your choice. For some, this may mean painting, while for others a hobby could be traveling to various parts of the world. Ensure that you have time to pursue your hobbies. This is another vital aspect for keeping your mind healthy and rejuvenated.

8. Walk Daily:

Several research has shown that walking is a major aspect of good health. Even if you follow a strict exercise regimen, you need to walk for at least 30 minutes every day if you want to stay fit. You do not need to assign a fixed time for walking, but can engage in it whenever you feel like it. This may include walking to work or walking to a colleague’s desk at work to have a chat. It is important to keep your legs moving as much as possible throughout the entire day.

9. Don’t let the Sun get Under your Skin:

Taking proper care of your skin will leave you with minimal signs of ageing even when you get older. The main culprit behind skin damage is the sun. Research has established that overexposure to the sun can drastically damage the skin, which may even lead to cancer. This is why it is important that you keep your skin covered by protective clothing when you go out during the day. Alternatively, you can apply a sunscreen with SPF 15 protection on the exposed parts of your body to prevent damage from the sun.

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10. A Snow White Smile:     

If you think brushing your teeth twice a day is enough to keep your pearly whites healthy, you are quite mistaken. Dental hygiene does not only concern brushing your teeth. Flossing and using a mouthwash are also integral parts of this process. In fact, a research has shown that quitting cigarettes and flossing daily, significantly reduced the chances of an early death.

If you take these 10 pointers seriously and manage to follow them for the rest of your life, you are sure to stay healthier than your counterparts. So, stop focusing on just the weight loss and make changes to your entire lifestyle in order to get the best out of your health.


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