10 Things you’ll definitely regret when you’re old! (So act now!)


An unfinished task, an unfulfilled dream, a failed relationship or a missed opportunity; there are a lot of things that can have a lasting impact on your life. However, as it is your life, the option to make it or break it lies solely in your hands. A life without a single regret maybe is still a far-fetched dream, but you can always start working towards it from this moment. Here are a collection of regrets that you need to keep far away from yourself:

Missing the long desired trip

 More often while you are scrolling down your news feed, you may come across various posts by your friends or some page that you follow, where they have shared their travel experiences. Be it after a trek to the sun-kissed peaks in the mystic mountain ranges or snorkelling in the deep underwater oceans, the pictures are always a treat to watch. The thought of you being in that same place crosses your mind, and then with a dismissing attitude, you keep scrolling down. That is fine, as long as you still want to and do pack your bag and hit the road.

Not prioritizing your health

When you are young, you tend to experiment with your body to limits that aren’t exactly permissible. That often includes eating whatever pleases your taste buds (the calorie-coated junk foods are the clear winners here) and having the urge to slouch lazily on a sofa, binge-watching your favourite TV series. While all of this is fine, the problem occurs when it covers a major part of your daily life. Exercising for even 45 minutes on a regular basis can do wonders to your health, ensuring that you do not have to spend the latter part of your life, depending on medications and battling chronic health conditions and unwanted pain and aches.

Letting your fear win

You must have heard of the saying, “fear is only temporary, regret lasts forever!” You may have always wanted to learn swimming, but you are scared of the water. Even in personal relationships, the fear of rejection always stops you from telling people how much they mean to you. 20 years down the line when you think how your life would have been if you would not have feared to take the step, you would obviously realise that it would have been a lot different, and better. It may seem hard initially, but the joy you get will be no less at the end.

Neglecting your family 

Almost everyone in today’s time has a busy schedule that leaves very little time for your family. The free time that you get after work mostly goes into meeting your friends or spending time with your modern-day best friend (your phone, obviously!). In all of this, you miss out on the precious family time, the moments that you will never get back. You will have all the time in your life to read tweets and latest celebrity gossip, but stories of yesteryears that your grandmother might just treat you to (if you allow her, of course!) is a privilege that would not be life-long.

Letting go of your dreams

Remember Rachel Green’s exasperation about how everyone told her she is a shoe but what if she did not want to be one? That is the kind of inspiration that you need to take. Your life should be what you make it, not what others tell you to be. Letting go of what you really want in life can be one of the worst decisions that you ever make. Fear of failure and opinions of other people should never stop you from chasing your dreams.

Not saving enough

It is said that you must start saving from the very first day you start earning, even if the amount is not a great one. The savings are going to help you in the future as you are, most certainly, not going to work all your life. So spend your money as that’s your right and live your life, but make sure there is something stacked for the future.

Living the moment

In the race to get the best, you often miss out on the little better things that come in your way.  There are times where you must wait, look around, appreciate and then move on. On days when you are not in the best of your moods or think everything is going wrong, take it slowly and it will pass. Living in the moment, without worrying too much about the future, should be the motto of your life.

Allowing stress to rule your life

Stress is certainly the ruling factor nowadays. Be it professional or personal problems, people always tend to be stressed out. The only solution for this is to let go all of the negativity and focus on the positive things that life has to offer. In other words, if you know you have to face the wrath of your boss the next day, you can just enjoy the evening with an ice-cream (or a pint of beer), instead of worrying about it all the time.

Working, but not living

Undoubtedly, doing well in your professional life is of utmost importance; but what is more important is doing well in life too. While you are working hard, make sure that you do not forget to live your life. Do not always postpone your trip and plans. A break will not only make you feel better, but also increase productivity so you surely perform better at work the next day.

Step out of your comfort zone

Creativity is a risky affair, but the risk is worth-taking. To be successful, it is important that you go out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. You may fail in your initial attempts, but there lies an equal possibility of being successful too. Rejection hurts, but not more than regret.

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