10 Ways to Sound Much Smarter than You Really Are


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e often feel awkward in gatherings when we see people socialising without a hitch, striking buttery-smooth conversations and drawing every iota of attention to them. We tend to belittle ourselves and crib about how we wished to be the party rockers too. Honestly, it isn’t that difficult. The art of talking is way more important than we feel it is and here lies the secret of drawing all those eyes at you.

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10. Stop repeating the same joke over and over again, even if it is in front of a new audience. We tend to get bored of our own jokes every time we repeat it. So if we crack a joke unenthusiastically, the audience shall never find it funny and you shall remain as the unpopular one.

9. Read reviews of few bestselling authors and their books. Though you may not have the time to read the actual book, a bookworm is always considered knowledgeable. In case of any conversation on books, you would appear to be a well-read person and will not be left behind.

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8. You will always not be a part of conversations that are on a known topic. Lookout for hints for your known ground in what the others are saying and upon getting them, steer the course of the conversation to you own territory. But this should not appear to be too obvious and done meticulously.

7. Follow pages on social networking sites that cater you with rare and strange information which might not be known by all. Make sure to pass these pieces of information while conversing as it would leave the listener with an impression that you take keen interest in collecting information. People would love to listen to you to know more.

6. Do not fumble while speaking. Fumbling shows lack of confidence. People will not consider you credible and believable if you fumble. Maintaining a steady, audible and firm tone would keep your audience hooked to you.

5. Eye contact is the key to your audience’s heart. Unless you look people in the eye what you say shall hardly be heard. But this does not mean that you should keep staring. It would make people feel uncomfortable. While addressing to a group, shift glances from one person to another so that you have a control on the attention of every person in the crowd.

4. The speed at which you talk is also important. Do not be too fast, the listener might not be able to grasp what you are saying. Do not drag your speech too long as well. People will get bored and you will lose attention. Stress on important words. Pause after you have given some facts for the listeners to process the information.

3. Your choice of words is extremely important. Your emotions shall be dissipated through your words. Throw in some foreign words to sound exotic like modus operandi and hoi polloi. This shall earn you a smarty tag and people shall look up to you. But be careful. Do not use these words in front of people who know the language. You might get into trouble if they start speaking in your trump card language.

2. Use figures to establish and authenticate what you say. When you use figures people will be tricked into believing that your knowledge regarding the topic is deep.

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1. The most important factor is to judge your audience. Know what kind of people they are and what sort of a professional, social and cultural background they come from. The topic you speak about should be relevant to the audience and they should be able to understand and connect to it.

Next time you are at a gathering keep your back straight, chin up and wear that killer smile, the rest shall be taken care of by these 10 mantras. Remember, smartness is not always about the way you talk or the way you present yourself. It has its roots in surviving life. Every one of you is smart and that is how you are gliding gracefully through every ups and downs of your life. So cheers to life!

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