12 World’s Most Bizarre Food That’s a Delicacy


Imagine eating dog meat, spiders, crickets and ants as a delicacy. It may seem unappetising for many, but there are few cultures that do treat it as a delicacy. Similar to that of chips sold as a snack in most parts of India, insects are sold as time pass snackers in various countries around the world.

World’s Most Bizzare Food

If you prefer carrying a popcorn to keep your jaws munching, there are many who prefer munching locusts. If you are a person who believes that food is food and you need to respect it in all forms, then you need to check out this list of 10 world famous weird foods that are a delicacy.

12 Most Bizzare Famous Foods World-Wide:

This World Food Day let’s acknowledge the different types of weird delicacies served in the world.

1Shirako (Japanese Delicacy):


Also called as “White Children”, this is one of the most famous delicacies found in Japan. This dish is made of Fish sperm that can be either cooked or served raw. This tops the menu in most Japanese restaurants. It looks similar to that of a human brain and is said to have a sweet custard like taste in your mouth. The Japanese call it by different names like Kiku, and Tachi.

Shirako in its stemmed form tastes custard-like with a pinch of sweetness. On the other hand, when fried in oil, this dish gets a light brown fried coating adding an appetising feel and when you dig in, its as soft and tender and just dissolves in your taste buds. You will love the taste of Shirako when fried. Add some mushrooms for better taste.

2Balut (Philippines Delicacy):


Balut is a partly developed embryo of a duck egg that is boiled alive and eaten adding a pinch of salt, vinegar and chilli in it. To all Filipinos, it’s a delicacy that every foreigner needs to try. Balut needs to be eaten by tapping a hole in the shell and consuming the duck embryo that has a premature body with feathers and bones.

It smells like chicken and if you forget that your consuming an embryo, you’ll begin relishing this dish. Firstly, you will have to drink the soup and then pop the soft creamy, egg yolk into your mouth.

3Crispy Tarantulas (Cambodian Delicacy):

Crispy Tarantulas

Also called crispy spiders, these were the first to be consumed by Cambodians who were starving under the Khmer Rouge regime. Unknowingly, this dish became a delicacy and is now sold as a fried snack throughout Cambodia. It looks unappetising, but tastes soft and tender, similar to that of crab.

The legs are crunchy similar to that of chips and the meat on the inside is white in colour. For some it may taste like chicken but it tastes similar to that of crab. Fried Tarantulas is like popcorn for cambodians when watching a movie. It is now widely consumed in Spain and Turkey.

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4Ant Egg Soup (Laos Delicacy):

Ant Egg Soup

This dish consists of ant eggs, white ant embryos and some baby ants that will add slight sourness. It tastes good if you taste it by closing your eyes. It tastes similar to that of shrimps. The dish consists of ant eggs mixed with snakehead fish, garlic, tamarinds, lime juice and tomatoes.

This dish can also be found in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This dish has loads of protein and less fat and calories than chicken eggs. It also contains different types of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sodium.

5Boshintang (Korean Delicacy):


Boshintang is dog meat which the koreans rate as healthy and is consumed either as soup or dry cooked or fried. It is made up of dog meat, dry onions, dandelions, and different spices. It is not found on most menus, but its very popular among the older people and taste better than it smells. In korea it is usually cooked in the form of stew or soup.

It also said to have a lot of medicinal properties that balances the body heat during hot summer days. Though it is considered a delicacy, not all Koreans eat dog meat. Most young Koreans do not like the idea of this delicacy and the whole idea of munching on their pet.

6Huitlacoche (Mexican Delicacy):


In this dish, corn that is old and has fungus coloured blue-black on it is consumed. Considering the fact that most people would think that the corn is spoilt, it may be the opposite for the Mexicans.The main aspect of fungus corn is that it forces more metabolism inside the corn that creates healthy nutrients for human consumption. It also has loads of important amino acids that the body requires.

7Airag (Mongolian Delicacy):


Airag is a Mongolian types of beer made from horses’ milk and slightly alcoholic in nature and taste. This drink is usually served in chilled bowls shaped like small cups. In simple terms, this drink is  fermented horse milk and it is the national beverage of Mongolia. Horse milk cannot be consumed raw because it has strong laxative effects that are used for medical purposes. But instead it is fermented and called Airag.

By fermenting horse milk, the lactose in it gets converted to lactic acid, ethanol and carbon dioxide. Without fermenting horse milk, there is more content of lactose found in it than in cow milk.

8Casu Marzu (Italian Delicacy):

Casu Marzu

Simply known as rotten cheese, Casu Marzu is made from spoilt sheep milk.The larvae of cheese flies are then added to the spoilt milk and then allowing the larvae of the flies to hatch inside. This is may not be a tongue burning delicacy that you can eat with or without the maggots.

Casu Marzu is usually consumed when maggots are still living in the dish. This is definitely not appetising at all, but there is a way to eat it. Close your eyes and delve into this dish by digging up a big scoop into your mouth. This trick also protects your eyes from those nutritious maggots.

9Locusts (Israelian Delicacy):


Locusts are a delicacy in Israel and is consumed by fried and coating them in chocolate syrups. These crop pests are are also considered a delicacy in Middle Eastern, Asian  and many other countries. They have a lot of proteins and different fatty acids including minerals. As mentioned in the book, “Insects”, by Steve Parker, locusts have huge loads of protein content that are denser than cows. However, locusts have lesser fat but the cholesterol content is higher than that is found is meat or chicken.

10Salo (Ukrainian Delicacy):


In Ukraine you must never miss out on Salo which is a famous dish that involves eating pigs fat. It’s nothing but raw pigs fat with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. This dish tastes well over with a sip of vodka and have a bite of Pork fat smothered with salt and black pepper. These are usually cut in such a way that there is 5% meat on the top and 95% of raw pork fat on the bottom. There is a festival that is celebrated on this dish in Ukraine.

11Stargazy Pie (England Delicacy):

Stargazy Pie

Stargazy’s pie is an odd looking pie, a christmas food invention. This dish has fish heads popping out pointing up to the sky and is said that it was invented as an outcome of the famine at the village in England. This dish has its roots from a Cornish village of Mousehold in England and it is only served on Tom Bawcocks Eve which is celebrated on December 23 of every year. According to what legend has to say, A heroic sailor during the sixteenth century rowed out to seas on December 23 in the high storms and returned with a big catch that was enough to feed the starving residents.

12Century Egg (Chinese Delicacy):

Century Egg

Would you eat a rotten egg? You would rather dispose it away. But in China, eggs are covered in clay, ash and salt and stored for months by which time the yolk turns dark green and begins stinking of sulphur.

This ingredient was found 500 years ago when a farmer found naturally preserved eggs in a pool of muddy water. After tasting them, he figured a way to replicate the same and today it exists as a delicacy in China, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. It is just an estimate of 500 years as its existence is undocumented.

Inorder to prepare these eggs, a combination of black tea, lime, salt and ashes from burnt wood is left to cool overnight. The next day chicken eggs are added to the mixture and left from five to seven months.

World Food Day:

According the United Nations Organisation (UNO), 821 Million people in the world still suffer from hunger even after producing enough of food that can feed everyone. Shocking results reveal that 60% of people suffering from hunger are women. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations aims at stopping hunger by devising  four simple steps that you can follow on your daily basis.

With 42% of infant deaths due to undernutrition and 151 million children not getting healthy and enough food a day, these are major concerns that the UNO has taken a look into. Thus, based on these shocking aspects, the UNO have devised four easy steps to stop hunger by 2030.

4 Simple steps to stop hunger:

  • Don’t waste food.
  • Produce more using less (Adoption of scientific farming)
  • Adopt sustainable healthy diet
  • Spread and caution everyone about #Zerohunger

ZeroHunger Campaign by UNO Set to change World:

The zerohunger campaign by the UNO will benefit the needy in many ways possible such as:

  • It can save 3.1 million children suffering from hunger annually.
  • Can benefit mothers to have healthier babies and have a stronger immune system
  • Could help developing in GDP growth by 16.5%
  • Good nutrition in life can mean 46% more to your life savings
  • It can eradicate iron deficiency by 20% that can boost productivity in workplace
  • It can build a safer and a prosperous world for everyone


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