15 Anti-Ageing Foods Good for Your Skin


Healthy skin is determined by what we eat. Consuming \foods that are rich in antioxidants, water, healthy fats and essential nutrients will make your skin glow and look fresh. With the advertising industry marketing skin creams, lotions, and face masks for glowing skin, this is not a long term idea. Moreover, all of these creams and lotions boomed up because most people wanted something that can provide them with instant relief, may it be medication or skin creams for that matter.

Anti-ageing Food

The cosmetic industry has made everyone believe in the fact that using skin care lotions, face masks and creams are much safer than that of something that was followed by our ancestors. But you need to know that all of these cosmetics do contain some ancient ingredients that were used to make skin look beautiful.

Everyone wants everything to be done faster and in a more efficient manner and thus most of us may opt for cosmetics over traditional ways of skin care remedies. You need to understand that the texture of your skin primarily depends on what you eat, and so here are some anti-ageing superfoods that will make your skin look young and vibrant.

11 Anti-Ageing Foods for Skin:

Our ancestors were not fools to consume certain foods of what we too consume today. With the dawn of the cosmetic industry, the notion of beauty aroused. But, you need to think about the scenario this way. Why do most people opt for skin care creams and face masks to look young when they can just consume some natural anti-ageing foods that can do the job? Well, here are some anti-ageing superfoods that are good for your skin and can make your skin look vibrant and fresh.


Eating spinach every day has loads of health benefits that can aid in good digestion, regulates blood sugar, prevents constipation and curbs your appetite. Apart from all these, it comes packed with antioxidants that can prevent you from diseases that you may be prone to. N simple terms, it replenishes your skin and body too. This leafy vegetable has high amounts of vitamin C that increase the production of collagen in the skin. This adds a smooth and vibrant glow on your skin.

2Avocado (Butter Fruit):

Avocado or more popularly called butter fruit in India has been consumed by many for the treatment and prevention of diabetes including weight loss purposes. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and is aids in good digestion.

Apart from all of these, butter fruit has loads of health benefits for your hair and skin too. Medically speaking, avocado has a rich source of anti-inflammatory fighting fatty acids that make your skin look smooth and vibrant.

Well, the first sign of ageing are wrinkles and drinking avocado juice can prevent those wrinkles. Its high source of vitamin A can help you shed dead skin much faster and provide you with glowing fresh skin. Apart from this, it also blocks harmful toxins that can cause dull skin and also protects you from skin cancer. All you need to do is to make some avocado milkshake and this will prevent wrinkles and fight inflammation.

3Pomegranate Seeds:

Pomegranate seeds have been used since time immemorial for healing purposes because of its high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. The fruit contains punicalagins which is said to preserve collagen in your skin. If collagen is preserved, then this will provide slower ageing of your skin.


Consuming nuts will help boost vitamin B that is responsible for keeping your skin healthy. It also prevents wrinkles. One of the best nuts to consume is almonds because of its high source of vitamin E that is responsible for retaining skin moisture, skin repair and protection of skin from UV rays. On the other hand, walnuts have anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that protect your skin from sun damage, provides glow by preserving natural oil and strengthens skin cells.     Almonds come packed with proteins, fibres and essential fatty acids that can benefit your skin in numerous ways.


Broccoli has a high source of vitamin C that has antioxidant properties which are good for anti-ageing. Eating broccoli at least once a day will help reduce wrinkles, acne and skin pigmentation. Your body requires vitamin C for the production of collagen which helps the skin look shiny and vibrant. It also strengthens the skin and makes it elastic.


Papaya is considered a superfood that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that make your skin more elastic and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Papaya contains a rich source of calcium, vitamin A, E, C & K, phosphorus etc which are all good for your skin. In simple terms, papaya has antioxidants that delay signs of anti-ageing. So keep in mind, a papaya a day can get benefit your skin.

7Bell Pepper (Capsicum):

Capsicum is said to be good for your health, but you need to know that red bell pepper (Red Capsicum) has even more health benefits for your skin. It contains loads of antioxidants called carotenoids that protect your skin from sun damage, pollution and various other skin toxins. You can top up your dish with some red bell pepper and reap its benefits.


This is a leafy aquatic green that has loads of antioxidants such as calcium, iron and minerals that aid in good skin health. This leafy green acts as an antiseptic on your skin that increases the circulation of minerals to your body. It helps keep fine lines and wrinkles away., because of its high source of vitamin A and C. So don’t forget to add some watercress to your food.


Blueberries have a high source of antioxidants comparatively more than that of green tea and also comes packed in vitamin A, C and E. Consuming blueberries can give you a youthful look on your skin by brightening it up and protecting it from skin damage. However, it is not advised that you eat blueberries every day, instead, you can consume it at least 2 times in a week will do you good.

10Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes have a very powerful antioxidant called beta-carotene which is thereby converted to vitamin A. This vitamin is said to promote skin texture and makes your skin look very soft and youthful in nature. Consuming it will protect your skin from harmful radicals that gives your skin a radiant appearance. So make it a point to add sweet potatoes to your menu.

Pineapple has loads of health benefits on your skin and all thanks to its storehouse of vitamin C, bromelain and antioxidants which are extremely beneficial in treating acne, uneven skin toning etc. Bromelain is said to soften your skin and protects it from inflammation and swelling. All you need to do is to consume some pineapple every day and reap its benefits. It is advised that you drink pineapple juice as liquids tend to offer health benefits much faster than raw fruit.

12Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is said to have high amounts of antioxidants in it such that it can protect you from harmful UV rays, helps in skin detoxification, nourishes and promotes glowing skin. This does not mean you need to consume dark chocolates every day as some may make it a habit that can lead to further medical problems. A small piece of dark chocolate after every meal will do good.

13Lime Juice:

Lime juice is said to be the most natural remedy for treating pimples and other skin conditions since time immemorial. There are many skin problems that time can treat such as treating dark spots, open pores, and add a glowing finish to your skin. All you need to do is to add some lime juice to your face or simple just drink it and you will begin to see the difference.


Watermelon has loads of vitamins such as vitamin A, B6 and C that aids in healthy skin and a healthy immune system. Moreover, watermelon is said to benefit your hair by generating circulation of blood to your scalp. This prevents you from hair fall. It also helps with skin rejuvenation and healing. Watermelon juice helps in fighting pimples too.


Having yoghurt before sleeping will aid in good sleep and good sleep means healthy skin. Consuming yoghurt will help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and tighten your skin pores. All you need to do is to consume a tablespoon olive oil before you sleep and this will do good to you. Yoghurt also aids in skin whitening too. This is because of the thick white layer that soothes your skin. Regular application of yoghurt over your skin will help you get rid of those horrible acne scars. You can either consume it or directly apply some on your face and witness its benefits.


The very first sign that you see that you are ageing is when you see those wrinkles or fine lines on your skin. Some people love to maintain their beauty and as a result, you would opt for cosmetics that give you faster benefits. You need to understand that these are some good benefits are short-lived and that you cannot rely on it for long. Some of the best remedies that you could ever follow are listed above. On the contrary, here are some frequently asked questions that will give you more insight into the topic.

1. What causes your skin to age?

Premature skin ageing is one of the most common problems that most adults and teenagers face today. But what are the factors that trigger this is something that you need to ask yourself? Here are some factors that cause premature ageing.

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Smoking tobacco.
  • Severe stress.
  • Skin is exposed to UV radiation for a long time.

2. Can turmeric help in anti-ageing?

Turmeric has loads of health benefits and has been used by ancient civilizations for numerous reasons. Here are some of those reasons as to why turmeric is good for your skin.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fights acne.
  • Treats and reduces dark circles.
  • Protects your skin against skin damage and premature ageing.
  • Adds a smoothing effect to your skin.

3. How does green tea prevent anti-ageing?

In order to have better skin you can drink green tea as well as apply it directly onto your face and this will make your skin appear brighter than ever. Green tea is said to fight skin cancer by promoting DNA repair. It also protects your skin from harmful UV rays that have the ability of causing skin cancer.

4. Can ghee help in anti-ageing?

Ghee has loads of benefits for skin and this has been used for over centuries by our ancestors. Here is how ghee can help in anti-ageing:

  • Skin brightening
  • Slows down skin ageing
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your skin
  • Keeps your skin hydrated

With the rise of the cosmetics industry, all traditional practices of anti-ageing were brought into question and thus this industry has flourished based on instant change and relief to all. You need to understand that our ancestors were not fools to discover certain natural benefits of anti-ageing.

However, modern science has implied most of these traditional practices and contemporized it into skin care products and brands claiming to offer instant relief. This notion may not be a safe one to imply on your skin on long-term basis.

Some of the best natural anti-ageing ways are by simply follow\ing some above-listed pointers and you will witness changes. These anti-ageing foods have no side effects and can benefit not just your skin, but your overall health too. So make sure that you try some above listed anti-ageing foods and live healthy.

News on Anti-Ageing:

Study Finds Anti-Ageing Compound in Japan’s Traditional Plant

-28th February 2019

According to a recent study, researchers found that Ashitaba which is the traditional plant of Japan has anti-ageing properties that can prevent premature ageing and wrinkles. This plant contains a natural substance that flushes out the toxins from your skin. Removing cellular garbage from your skin can prevent you from developing any sort of skin diseases.

When your cells fail to remove damaged cells from your body, that can build up and cause a wide range of diseases including cancer. Thus, the study concluded by stating that this plant contains dimethoxychalcone (DMC) that cleans your skin naturally and flushes away the bad toxins that can cause skin diseases.

Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Bids Goodbye To Signs of Ageing

-26th February 2019

Want to look young and get rid of those wrinkles, then you need to try an anti-wrinkle pillow that primarily encourages you to sleep on your back. This helps prevent delicate skin from being squashed by sleeping on one side. Another benefit of using an anti-wrinkle pillow is that it helps the moisture stay on your face.

So if you want to maintain that youthful glow on your face, then you need to try this anti-wrinkle pillow. The foam-fitting extra layer on the pillow keeps your head in place and helps you sleep on your back. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is a proven fact that sleeping on your back will keep pressure off your face and this helps develops fewer wrinkles.


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