15 Early Signs of Depression that you might be ignoring


It’s World Health Day on 7th of April and this year’s theme is Depression. The best we can do is spread awareness around Depression and here’s an effort to do that – 15 early signs of depression.

When you are experiencing one of those days when nothing seems to be working out for you, it can be incredibly easy to start feeling low. We all have those moments when we hit an imaginary brick wall and giving up seems to be the only sensible option. Thankfully, for the most, these feelings are only temporary and are soon replaced with a more positive outlook. But for those of us who can’t seem to switch back into that upbeat frame of mind, something far more serious could be lurking in the background. Depression is a condition that cannot be taken lightly, technically it is classed as a mental disorder and here in 2017 it has hit epidemic proportions. This article looks at 15 early signs of depression that you may be experiencing but not really recognising. If any of these seems to be at all familiar, we’d advise that you speak to your doctor sooner rather than later.

Early Signs of Depression

1. Suicidal thoughts


Quite often, feeling depressed can lead to thoughts of self-harm and even suicide. The very idea of slitting your wrists isn’t a thought that typically occurs when we are feeling well. Sadly, the combination of issues that can arise when we are feeling depressed can sometimes culminate in an overall urge to end it all. These are not only potentially dangerous but can lead to serious injuries or worse if they are not dealt with quickly.

2. Sitting in the dark


Although it may seem perfectly natural to want a little space now and then, depression can force us to shut out the rest of the world for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, spending time alone with your own thoughts isn’t a wise thing to do if you are feeling out of sorts.

3. Feeling bullied


Being of the mindset that everyone is against you and are trying to bring you down is another sign that you may be suffering from depression. This usually is not the case but can lead to the sufferer isolating themselves from the people nearest and dearest to them.

4. Reality denial


People who feel depressed are also likely to lose their links with the outside world. Quite often a result of self-isolation and by overthinking normal situations, it is possible to feel even less inclined to deal with reality.

5. Zero willpower


If you feel that your own motivation and self-control is starting to disappear, it’s possible that you are experiencing the early onset of depression. Feeling this way can lead to giving in to dangerous habits and your health is likely to take a tumble as a result.

6. Physical pain


Depression can affect your body as well as your mind and emotions. These 3 things are inextricably linked and that severe headache, back pain or even uncomfortable knee can all be early signs of depression starting to kick in.

7. No interest in fun


If you start to feel disinterested in social contact and events that you used to enjoy, perhaps it is an indication of depression. This is strongly connected to those urges to alienate yourself and experiencing a lack of connection with the outside world.

8. Weight loss or gain


Depressed people are known to lose their appetite and this leads to sudden weight loss that can be unhealthy. On the other end of the scale, over eating and binge sessions are another indication that things are not looking good. Both weight loss and gain will further affect the self-confidence and these need to be addressed before more damage is done.

9. Can’t sleep?


Insomnia is a cruel condition that can prevent sleep no matter how tired you may be. Your body clock can be seriously affected and depression is often the cause of this. By feeling tired during the day, it can be easy to start feeling dark and negative thoughts.

10. Always tired


Fatigue may or may not be the result of insomnia but it can certainly accelerate those depression symptoms. Memory loss and poor performance in the workplace or school often come hand in hand with this condition.

11. Impulsive behaviour


People who are usually sensible and cautious can start to act in an impulsive way when feeling depressed. It is often a way of dealing with issues that we are unable to face head on.

12. Unable to focus


If you find that it is near impossible to concentrate on matters in hand, this distraction could be an early sign of depression. Hopelessness and an inability to remember recent events can speed up these feelings and increase your depression.

13. Always worried


Anxiety attacks are never a pleasant thing to deal with, especially when they are connected to insignificant events that you have zero control over.

14. Anger issues


Feeling irritated at the drop of a hat or losing your temper frequently can make you a very difficult person to be around. Sadly, this is one of the most common signs of depression. It can lead to being shunned by others and ultimately increasing the overall condition in a negative way.

15. Guilt and low self-esteem


If your confidence starts to hit an all-time low and you start to blame yourself for situations you can’t really influence, it is likely that you may be showing early signs of depression. Feeling Inadequate and guilt trips can often lead to a desire to isolate yourself from your friends and family. They probably don’t even realise what has happened until it is too late.

These 15 tell-tale signs of depression need to be taken seriously. If any of them appear to be a little too familiar, it is up to you to seek help and please do this without any hesitation because you deserve the best.

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