18 Benefits of Eating Cabbage for Health, Skin and Hair


Cabbage is one among those leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. It belongs to the broccoli and cauliflower family of leafy vegetables that is said to have originated from Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. This healthy vegetable is said to come in different colours such as purple, red, white and green. Currently, this has been used in many dishes around the world because of its numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Cabbage

Interesting Facts About Cabbage:

Before we understand what exactly makes this leafy vegetable a healthy food, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about cabbage.

  • Cabbage is an all season vegetable, meaning it is available in the market throughout the year.
  • It is one of the oldest vegetables to be cultivated since the 1600s.
  • This vegetable comes in different varieties such as red, green, white and purple.
  • It is a good source of fibre, Vitamin C, vitamin K and is low in saturated fat.
  • The largest cabbage dish was made in 2008 in the city of Prilep where the dish weighed 544 kgs.
  • Cabbage juice cures stomach pain and intestinal ulcers.
  • This leafy veggie is low in calories and is must-add food to your weight loss diet.
  • Cabbage aids in good digestion as this vegetable keeps the colon and digestive tract in a healthy condition.

Cabbage Nutrition Facts:

Everyone knows that cabbage is good for health, but the question is in what way is this leafy vegetable good for you and what are the substances that make this vegetable healthy? Well, these cabbage nutrition facts will give you an insight.

Note: The below-listed nutrition facts about cabbage is based on 1 serving i.e. 89 grams of chopped cabbage. This information is based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Benefits of Eating Cabbage for Health:

Well, everyone knows for sure that eating cabbage can benefit you in multiple ways, but the questions in what way and what are the elements of this vegetable that make it a must-add food to your regular diet. Here are some health benefits of eating cabbage.

1Prevents Cancer:

Sulforaphane is a substance found in cabbage that increases anti-cancer effects in your body. However, there are many other properties of cabbage that are said to prevent cancer 1. Some of these properties include diindolylmethane (DIM), sinigrin, lupeol and indole 3- carbinol (I3C). All you need to do is to just add some cabbage to your everyday food and prevent yourself from cancer.

2Boosts Your Immunity:

Cabbage is said to boost your immunity because it contains a high source of vitamin C. Your immune system needs vitamin C in order to perform certain tasks. However, if you have less vitamin C then your body may have less resistance against pathogens that can weaken your immune system. In simple terms, vitamin C flushes out those radicals that can make you prone to any disease.

3Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Cabbage has a rich source of amino acids that help fight inflammation. Amino acids are in the form of proteins that help in food digestion and the human body uses these amino acids to make proteins to break down food.

4Reduces Your Risks of Alzheimer’s Disease:

Eating red cabbage is said to reduce your risks of having Alzheimer’s disease and this is because of vitamin K that is found in it. Vitamin K helps in preventing blood clots and blood thinning. This is usually given for those who are suffering from vitamin K deficiency and for those who have weak bones. It’s simple, all you need to do is to add some cabbage to your diet and this will do you good.

5Reduces the Risks of Cataracts:

Cabbage contains beta-carotene that prevents macular degeneration of the eye and this also reduces your chances of having cataracts. One of the most significant risks of cataract is a blurry and cloudy vision. Images may appear as though you are looking through a dirty glass. You would not like to be in such a condition and thus you need to make it a point to consume cabbage.

6Aids in Weight Loss:

Cabbage is a super food that needs to be added to your weight loss diet as this leafy vegetable is low in calories. All you need to do is to make some cabbage soup and drink it at least once a day and you can beat your hunger. Cabbage soup will curb your hunger and as a result, keep your appetite at bay. This won’t make you feel hungry very often and as a result, you will cut down on junk food. Cabbage being low on calories will not aid in weight gain, instead, it aids in good digestion.

7Prevents Stomach Ulcers:

Cabbage has anti-ulcer properties that can prevent you from having stomach ulcers. This is because of its high source of glutamine that helps in building proteins in your immune system. Glutamine also plays an integral role in intestinal health and good food digestion. Thus, make it a point to consume cabbage as this will do good to your health.

8Cure for Constipation:

Cabbage aids in good digestion because of its high source of fibre. Fibre helps consumed food move through your digestive system and thus increases your stools in a bulk. So, if you or any of your family member is suffering from constipation, then all you need to do is to add some cabbage to your dish and this will help the individual have normal bowel movements.

9Strengthens Teeth and Bones:

Cabbage is said to keep your bones and teeth strong because it has vitamin K in it. Apart from calcium, Vitamin K is the main source for bone strength, cabbage is said to consist of vitamin K that also contributes to bone strength and teeth.

10Good for the Heart:

Cabbage is said to be good for your heart and this must be added on to your regular diet. This is because this leafy vegetable is loaded with minerals such as potassium and calcium which has the capacity of regulating blood sugar levels. Also, cabbage has lesser quantities of sodium which is good for maintaining a healthy heart rate.

11Good During Pregnancy:

Cabbage is rich in folic acid and has nutritional benefits that can be for expecting mothers. It helps the fetus have good health and also aid in the production of mothers milk. So if you are an expecting mother, all you need to is to add some cabbage to your regular diet and live healthily.

Benefits of Eating Cabbage for Skin:

Well, if cabbage is said to benefit your health in many ways, here are some health benefits of cabbage for your skin. From nourishing your skin to making it glow, this leafy vegetable is recommended for everyone. The below-listed points will give you an insight on the various benefits that cabbage can have on your hair.

12Can Heal Skin Condition:

All leafy vegetables have skin healing properties. This is true in the case of cabbage too. This leafy vegetable is used in the treatment of different skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, insect bites, ulcers and arthritis. All you need to do is to add some cabbage to your everyday diet and it will do good to you.

13Makes You Look Young:

Cabbage has anti-ageing properties such that it will make your skin look young. This is because it consists of vitamin C that slows down your ageing process. Cabbage juice is best recommended because its health benefits your skin much faster than that of consuming cooked cabbage. To make it more simple, cabbage delays the death of your skin cells and protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.

14Gives Clear Skin:

Consuming cabbage regularly will make you add beautifying effects to your skin, meaning that this healthy vegetable will make your skin appear nourished and clear. So, if you are suffering from acne, skin rashes and skin irritations, then it is advised that you consume cabbage regularly.

15Cleanses Your Skin:

The juice found in cabbage has cleansing properties such that it can make your skin seem clean and clear. It prevents skin rashes and pimples too. This is because, this leafy vegetable contains vitamin C which is said to do extremely good for your skin. Also, drinking cabbage juice can heal infected gums in your mouth.

Benefits of Eating Cabbage for Hair:

If cabbage is good for your overall health and skin, it is equally beneficial for your hair as it can aid in hair growth and give a silky touch to your hair. This is because it is loaded with nutrients such as sulfur, calcium, magnesium and iron. Here are some of the health benefits of consuming cabbage for your hair.

16Aids in Hair Growth:

Cabbage is said to have vitamin A which is an antioxidant that increases your hair growth. All you need to do is to boil some cabbage and add some lemon juice on your scalp and this will aid in hair growth. Gently massage your scalp with it and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Once this is done you can gently rinse it off with shampoo. In order to get the best results, you need to do this at least 2 times a week.

17Makes Your Hair Look Smooth:

Consuming this healthy vegetable will nourish your hair and give it a silky and shining appeal. All you need to do is to apply some of its juice on your scalp and hair and you will see the changes. After an hour you can apply some shampoo on your hair and this will make your hair look smooth and silky.

18Treats Dry Hair:

Regular consumption of cabbage can benefit make your hair making it soft and shiny. This works well if you have dry hair. So all you need to do is to just add some cabbage to your everyday diet and this will do you good. You can also drink cabbage juice if you are looking for faster results. Since carrots and cucumber are also good for your hair, you can mix 80 ml of carrot and cucumber juice to 40 ml of cabbage juice and drink it. This will help you get faster results.

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Now that you know that cabbage is good for your overall health, skin and hair, here are few frequently asked questions that will shed some more insight into some risks of consuming this leafy vegetable in excess. You need to keep in mind that anything that is consumed in excess has its drawbacks and thus you need to proportionately consume anything and everything.

1. What happens if you eat too much cabbage?

If cabbage is said to be good for your overall health, this leafy veggie can also be very dangerous if it is consumed in excess. Excessive consumption of cabbage will lead to the below-listed health problems such as:

  • Diarrhoea; and
  • Hypothyroidism

2. Should I consume raw cabbage or cooked cabbage?

Cabbage can be consumed in the form of raw juice as this is said to promote faster health benefits. However, it is advised that you consult a dietitian before doing this. You can add cabbage to your everyday diet and this would do good. Cooking or consuming it raw will do good to you.

Now that you know that eating cabbage is good for your overall health, what are you waiting for? Add some of it to your dish and relish it in the form of desert or juice. How difficult can it be for you to just add this leafy vegetable to your everyday diet? So make it a point to consume cabbage every day in limit and this will benefit you and your family. Live healthy and say yes to cabbage.

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