5 Best Protein Snacks for Office Workers


It is important for employees to eat healthy so that they can work efficiently for long hours. Eating healthy increases cognitive performances and lets you think in a productive manner. It contributes to a working environment that is stress free by letting you complete your tasks on time. Energy provided by protein snacks enables you to lead an enjoyable time during office. Snacking is a common habit in the office and people like to eat at regular intervals during main meals. It is hard to work the whole day without eating at regular time intervals. However, it is better to eat small amounts of food at regular intervals. You can practice this way of eating even in during office hours by snacking on food that are good sources of proteins, high fibers and essential fats. One of the best sources of energy-filled snacks is proteins. It is easy to have protein snacks and since they are high in calories, they keep office workers energized.

Protein Snacks For Office Workers

Benefits of Eating Healthy At the Workplace:

An office worker spends a major portion of their day in their office. Many people miss their breakfast due to the obligation to reach the office on time around 9-10AM. Naturally, people will not have the energy to work effectively and with a positive frame of mind. The ideal situation, in this case, is when people eat small but on regular time intervals. Having healthy and protein rich snacks is one of the best options. This is because:

  • A person with a naturally healthy lifestyle will increase their productivity.
  • Healthy eating habits enable the person to utilize his/her full potential.
  • A good healthy lifestyle gives people enough energy to work according to the deadlines.

Why protein rich snacks?

High protein, low carbohydrate diets are the best diets to enable working people to put in good efforts. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are micronutrients and you must consume them in large amounts. Unlike fat and carbs, proteins are not stored in our body and we have to replenish them from time to time. Snacking on protein rich food helps in this process, especially when you need that extra energy to complete the given tasks on time. It helps you to keep functioning at a level that is required at a work place.

Here are 5 of the best and easily available protein snacks that are beneficial for office workers enabling them to work efficiently with a healthy mind.

Dry fruits and nuts:

Dry fruits and nuts are easy to carry and contains essential proteins and micro-nutrients. In addition, it has essential fats making it an even better choice as your office time snack. It has numerous health benefits such as glowing skin, improved digestion and memory. Since it has high amounts of fibers which does not make you feel hungry every few hours. Cashews help in keeping heart diseases at bay because of the presence of mono-saturated fatty acid and vitamin B6. Dates protect you from atherosclerosis, which is a major cause of strokes. Dry fruits like raisins and apricots are important to tackle anemia since they are in vitamin and minerals. Small and daily consumptions of dry fruits and nuts helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels. They also provide phosphorous, vitamin B, copper, iron, etc. All of these are essential minerals and nutrients that help in the proper functioning of the human body.


Yogurt is an excellent source of protein as it contains almost 12 grams of proteins per 200 grams of serving. It supports the metabolism and helps by providing you with energy. Yogurt is a food that helps with appetite regulation as it makes you feel full, thus helping in maintaining your weight. Greek yogurt is a better option as it provides 22 grams per 200 grams of serving. Furthermore, yogurt is high in calcium, vitamin B12 and trace minerals. Calcium is important for your bones making sure you are active enough to work throughout the day with enough energy. It helps you fight against many diseases by improving your immune system.

A small sandwich:

This is a highly customizable option with the freedom of choosing the fillings according to your wish. Using multi-grain breads along with peanut butter as your spread, helps create a sandwich that is high in proteins. You can have apple slices as well with it. The other option is to have a non-vegetarian sandwich with tuna or chicken as your filling. One can add lettuce or broccoli in the sandwich to make it more nutritional and for better flavor. This is filling snack and you can have it during your post lunch break. It helps you to get energy if you need to work late due to some reason.


Sprouts are a great source of protein and have many nutritional values. The pregnant women can consume this food because it helps in the growth and proper development of the baby. Sprouted mung beans are high in protein and low in carbs, making it an ideal food product for people following protein rich diets. Dried peas provide a good amount of proteins. The biggest advantage of sprouts is that they have very low amounts of fat making them an ideal snack. The fiber rich food has vitamin A, which helps improve your eyesight. This is necessary for a working person who has to sit in front of computer systems for long periods.

Protein bar:

Protein bar such as fruit and nut bars are a great source of energy. It replenishes your exhausted energy and assists you to work efficiently for longer hours. It is a great snack as it keeps you feel satisfied between meals as it is relatively filling when compared to normal snacks. It gives you a significant amount of proteins in a small serving itself.


It is important to have snacks during the office hours to keep yourself rejuvenated. You can ensure that you are able to work for long hours. Having protein rich snacks helps you gain important nutrients while working. Dried fruits, sprouts, yogurt, a small sandwich and protein bars are a few of the best snacks that will increase a working person’s productivity and keeps the mind and body healthy.

At Medlife, we understand how hard it can be to balance the stressful demands of your office with the needs of your body. Following a healthy and protein diet is one way to go about things. Another way is to include health supplements in your daily diet. Supplements can provide essential nutrients to your body that it needs to perform all functions normally. At Medlife, we offer a wide range of health supplements that you can buy online.

News on Healthy Eating During Office:

Is Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Diet Safe?

– 11th Oct 2018

The Victoria Secret supermodels share they quick guide how to stay trimmed and fab by following simple weight loss diets. These models follow a diet that is based on reducing the intake of calories and carbohydrates and substitute it with a lot of protein and veggies.

This diest is measured in a way that is limited to a fixed 1,300 calorie intake a day. Processed food, sugar, salt and gluten are all avoided in the diet.

Talking about the Victorian Secrets diet, Sarah Ballis, Dietitian at The Harley Street Clinic Hospital, UK says, “ This diet has been created to push the body to burn fat for energy”.

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What do Experts Say?

Now you may wonder if the above diet is followed every day by these supermodels. The answer is it may be, but according to Ballis, this diet is not a long-standing diet. She also says, “Certain parts of this eating plan can be substituted with veggies and greens”.


    • Current guidelines for adults of any age recommend 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If the person’s age is 65, then the required protein amount per day will be 51.5 gm (body weight in pounds (143.3 pounds) *0.36). The best protein sources at the age of 65 are: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, yogurt with probiotics, certain pulses, leafy green vegetables, fruits like apple, berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) etc. These foods are also good for the person having constipation.

    • If you have belly fat then you should take fiber and protein rich food such as sprouted whole grains and legumes, oatmeal, flaxseeds, yogurt, leafy vegetables and certain fruits such as papaya, apple and berries. Avoid the food containing carbohydrate and follow a regular exercise schedule.


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