World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Mommies


Do you often get frazzled thinking about being the perfect mother to your lil’ bundle of joy? The new mommy role may feel daunting, but worry not, you’re doing great! The beautiful journey of motherhood is filled with abundant love, excitement, and a fair share of trials and tribulations.


This journey might seem bumpy, and it doesn’t even come with a directory. To help you figure out your way through this new experience of motherhood, here are some tips and tricks for breastfeeding) that are passed down through generations as prized heirlooms. These tips will help you nail the new chapter of your life just right!

5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Mommies

If you are a new mother having sleepless nights trying to get everything right, read on for the breastfeeding tips) and tricks that will keep you from pulling out every strand of your hair possibly:

1. Know the Signs of a Good Latch

Perfect latching is key to successful breastfeeding. It’s alright if initially the baby isn’t able to latch properly. Some newborns take time and a little practice. Gently rub the nipple, slightly pulled between your fingertips and put it against the baby’s upper lip and under his/ her nostrils. It will help the baby smell and spot the food. You’ll next see your baby opening his/ her mouth wide enough to grab onto the nipple and suck it. Remember, an incorrect latch can leave you in pain and may make the nipples sore. So, ensure that the baby latches on to the areola and not just the nipple. The tongue of the baby caressing the areola during the latching draws the milk out of the breast.

2. Try to Not Worry Over Feeding Time

You may have created a timetable to help you wake the baby up for its time-to-time feed, but you won’t necessarily need it. Trust your lil’ one to cue you for its fill. Watch out for signs such as sucking on tongue and lips; sucking on fingers and fist; fidgeting while sleeping; and crying. While the first few may just look quite adorable, don’t ignore the underlying hunger call.

3. Be Prepared for Cluster Feedings

Embrace the idea that your baby needs you more than anyone/ anything in this world. When the baby wants to be fed more frequently, it is called cluster feeding. Don’t get alarmed with your baby’s frequent short feeding requirement, as it is normal. More so, the frequent you feed your baby, the more milk you produce. It will ease your worries about having enough milk supply for your lil’ one.

4. Don’t Get Perturbed about Their Tummy Full

After a while of feeding, if the breast becomes soft, offer the baby the other breast. Some babies feed for 20-40 minutes, while others take less time. Once the baby has had its fill, she will either detach from the breast on own or doze off.

5. Take Care of the Burping Basics

Babies at times swallow air while feeding and need to be occasionally burped. Try burping your baby every 5 minutes during feed. Simply hold your baby upright in one arm, with his/ her chest and chin resting on your arm and stroke his/ her back gently in an upward motion. You can also lay your baby on your lap with his/ her face down and gently rub his/her back. Just be careful about supporting the baby’s head.

Remember that apart from the bonding aspect, breastfeeding can keep many infections and diseases at bay. Now that you know how to go about the drill, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back!

How to Take Care of Yourself as a New Mother?

Key to becoming a supermom is not to let frustrations get the better of you. It’s normal to feel agitated when your baby just won’t sleep at all the whole night or blink an eye. You can, however, make some healthy lifestyle choices to enjoy this phase:

  •  Drink plenty of water: Your body is going to need even more fluids to make milk, so keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  • Eat healthy: Choose a healthy platter of fruits, veggies, and wholegrains to get your fill.
  • Get rest as much as possible: Get adequate sleep. Still better if you sleep when your baby sleeps. Proper rest will help you feel better and positive.
  •  Take care of your skin: Regular nursing can make the skin of your breast dry. Dry your nipples with a soft cloth after feeding your baby. Also, use a gentle cleanser to wash your breast and apply healing moisturizer after showering and feeding.
  • Don’t shy away from asking for help: The important takeaway is to not act on impulse and get your partner’s support to help you get by. Connect with other moms, or join a moms’ forum or group online, you’ll thank yourself later for reaching out in distress.

Without a doubt, breastfeeding bonds the child with the mother on a level that’s almost intangible, to say the least. It’s the thread that makes the mother and child one whole being, almost inseparable. So, reel in the happiness and bliss that only a newborn can give you. All the juggling and madness would be all worthwhile in the end. The afternoon naps in your laps and lullabies would be something you’d cherish for your entire life. A happy motherhood to you!

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  1. Do babies need any food besides breast milk?

Generally, newborns don’t need anything besides breast milk, as it is wholesome, nutritious food on its own, and cannot be replicated.

  1. Is cluster feeding unusual?

No, this is normal and may mean that the baby is experiencing a growth spurt.




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