5 Common Cancer Myths Debunked


These days, a lot of information is available on the internet, about various diseases, including cancer. From symptoms and diagnosis to treatment methods, you can have access to any detail at your fingertips with just a few clicks. However, how much of that information is true is quite debatable. Most of the data available on cancer over the internet can be misleading and sometimes dangerous. There are plenty of myths flying regarding cancer, which can seem quite fictitious too. So, the time has come to debunk those cancer myths. Here are 5 myths that you will encounter over the internet and here is how they have been debunked.

Cancer Myths Busted

Myth #1: Superfoods Can Cure Cancer:

Now, the first thing you have to understand is that there are no such things as ‘superfoods’. It is just a marketing term used to sell products. The mechanism of our body is complex and so is cancer. It certainly takes a whole lot more than just a food to cure it. However, vegetables and fruits are required for your body and a balanced diet is certainly the need of the hour when it comes to healthy living. But saying that one food or a group of foods can cure cancer is an oversimplification of the fact that there are many things that go into living healthy. Smoking, alcohol, passive lifestyle, and excess body weight, these are all hindrances to a healthy life. If you can overcome those, then there is a huge chance that you may not get affected by cancer. So, to say that superfoods alone can cure cancer is just a myth without any scientific evidence.

Myth #2: Cancer is Contagious:

There are many websites that are saying that cancer is contagious which means if you spend some time with your near and dear ones who have been affected by cancer, it could cost you your health as well. However, the fact of the matter is that cancer is not contagious. You will not get affected by cancer if you spend time with your loved ones. Also, it is quite rare to find that after an organ transplant, the receiver gets affected by cancer if the donor was a cancer patient. However, there are some viruses that may increase your chances of getting affected by cancer. Nonetheless, this does not conclude that cancer is contagious. It is an absolute misconception and a myth.

Myth #3: Cancer is Hereditary:

If you think that someone in your family had cancer and because of that you may also get affected by it, then you are wrong. It is a myth that has been spread over the internet. Although there is a possibility that you may get affected by cancer due to genetic mutation, the chances of it are very limited. Only 5 to 10 percent of the cancer cases happen due to a genetic mutation. Also, if your family has a strong history of developing cancer, even then, there is no certainty that you will develop cancer. Also, if you think that just because no one in your family has cancer and hence you won’t get cancer too, you are wrong again. Whether you will get affected by cancer or not depends on your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, passive lifestyle, all these things make you vulnerable to cancer. So, if you avoid them, you might also be able to avoid cancer.

Myth #4: Using Mobile Phone Too Much Will Cause Cancer:

Apparently, this myth is prevalent over the internet. Most people still believe that using mobile phones for a longer period of time will cause cancer. They say that some sort of a radiation coming out of the mobile can cause it. However, it has no scientific proof. Many types of researches have been conducted though. Using mobile phones for a longer period of time can harm your concentration and cause other negative effects on your health. But, those effects are not as dangerous as cancer. So, there is no scientific link between cancer and mobile usage.

Myth #5: Bad Thoughts Develop Cancer:

It is said that if you have a negative attitude (which no one will admit) or if you have too many negative thoughts, then you can get affected by cancer. Do you believe in this? But the fact of the matter is this is a pure misconception. There is no link between cancer and negative thoughts. Actually, many link this with the ‘law of attraction’ which says if you can think about an incident time and time again, then that incident might happen in reality. However, this theory can be regarded as more of a hoax than anything else, because if you think of something repeatedly and it happens, it can be sheer coincidence. So, as far as science is concerned, negative thinking or negative thoughts are not as powerful as inducing cancer.

Tips to Follow to Reduce Chances of Cancer:

Here are some tips you can follow in order to safeguard yourself against cancer:

  • Avoid using tobacco
  • Maintain a healthy diet by including fruits and vegetables
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid passive lifestyle, and be active physically
  • Don’t ever share needles
  • Limit the number of sexual partners
  • Go for regular medical check-ups

Regular Medical Tests Can Help Diagnose and Treat Cancer Early:

Cancer can be life-threatening only if you discover it late. Early detection can save your life. That is why you need to go for regular check-ups. But, going for regular check-ups and conducting medical tests can be tough especially if you have limited time for yourself. Medlife solves this problem for you. You can get your tests done at your chosen time and place. You don’t have to go anywhere to conduct medical tests.

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So, without waiting any further, call at 8884222296 or visit Cancer Screening Panel to know more about the tests and what all you can expect from a test package. You can book free home sample collection at a time and date that will suit your schedule. So, stop believing in myths, follow a healthy lifestyle and get regular checkups to stay away from cancer.


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