5 Frequently Asked Dermatology Queries During Summer


Who doesn’t like to have a little fun in the sun. No matter how lively summer can be, it can also dampen your fun in spite of your best efforts to keep pricking and burning sensation at bay. Not only does it add to discomfort, it is accompanied by the appearance of mysterious bumps, lumps, swelling, cracking and oozing on the skin at times. What’s more? Even the hairs are not spared. Frizz, dryness and hair fall are part and parcel of summer.

Dermatology Queries During Summer

If all this leaves you worried, fret not! Here, we will try to answer some of your frequently asked queries regarding dermatology concerns.

Q: How do I Manage Acne Breakouts During the Summer?

A: Summer may be a delightful time of the year, but it brings blackheads, oily skin and acne breakouts. That’s because of excess humidity, heat leading to extra oil and sweat. All these collectively make acne worse.

How to Manage?

How do I Manage Acne Breakouts

Q: How do I Prevent Hair Problems like Hair Fall, Dry or Frizzy Hair in Summer Months?

A: The natural moisture of your hair dries up fast when you stay outside all day long in the sun. As a result, dandruff, hair fall, and/or frizzy hair can prevail due to dried scalp.

How to Prevent?

Prevent Hair Problems

Q: Does Summer Sun Cause Facial Wrinkles?

A: Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful for the skin as they are capable of penetrating the skin causing dryness and burning of skin cells. It leads to quickened skin ageing and formation of wrinkles.

How to Manage?

Sun Cause Facial Wrinkles

Q: Do I Really Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

A: Try not to be tricked into believing that you can develop a protected tan. There’s no such thing. Sun exposure adds conceivable harm at the cell level. Save your skin, wear your sunscreen.

Why Wear Sunscreen Regularly?

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Q: How Can I Prevent Rashes in Summer?

A: The time that you spend outdoor during summer means increased exposure to heat, bugs and other irritants which can leave rashes on your body.

How to Keep Skin Rash-Free?

Prevent Rashes in Summer


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