5 Monsoon Diseases you should be careful of


After the hot summer in India characterized by hot winds and scorching heat, the monsoon season is usually welcomed by everyone. The monsoon brings a much-awaited relief from the intense summer heat. Irrespective of their ages, people use to welcome and enjoy the rainy season.

Children use to play in the stagnant water. Being the most vulnerable to diseases, they splash water on each other without any idea of what can be the health consequences of their play. Due to the temperature fluctuation and poor functioning of our immune system, many diseases can occur.

During the monsoon season, the stagnant water and the incessant rain lead to the apparition of diseases carried by mosquitoes. However, if we take proper precautions, diseases can be controlled. This way, we can remain safe while enjoying the monsoon. Here is a list of 5 monsoon diseases you should be careful of:

  1. Malaria is one of the common disease that you should be careful of during the monsoon season. This illness is caused by the female Anopheles mosquitoes that carry the virus to the healthy person from the infected person. Among the early signs of malaria are included vomiting, cough and viral fever. In case that it is untreated, malaria may cause life threatening complications.
  2. Diarrhea is another serious public health issue. This bowel disturbance is caused by unhygienic handling of water and foods. Diarrhea can manifest in two main forms. In the first form called acute diarrhea, the disease last only for a couple of days and comes on suddenly. In the second case that is called chronic diarrhea, the illness lasts for more than a week. Both forms of diarrhea are, fortunately, preventable and treatable. Good personal hygiene practice is an important measure in preventing this disease.
  3. Flu and common cold are other diseases spreading more in the rainy season. Both flu and cold are contagious diseases caused by viruses. They can be easily transferred to a healthy person from an infected person. Prevention measures are keeping your body warm, washing your hands often and maintaining distance from people who are showing symptoms like sneezing and coughing.
  4. Chickungunya fever is a transmissible disease that spreads by the bite of an infected aedes mosquito. When a person infected with the virus is bit by a mosquito, the insect gets infected and can spread the virus to other humans. Among the symptoms of chickungunya are included knee pain, rashes, vomiting, and fever.
  5. Another illness among the dangerous monsoon diseases is typhoid. This illness provoked by Salmonella Typhi is highly infectious. Typhoid can spread through hand to mouth and oral transmission. It is usually caused by unsanitary food or water. Among the most common symptoms of typhoid are included sore throat, cough, loss of appetite, and constipation.

General precautions

You can prevent catching various monsoon diseases if you are going out prepared with necessary equipment to protect yourself from the rain. However, in case that you start feeling any changes in your body condition such as the symptoms mentioned above, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor. Know any delay can cause some undesired complications.

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