5 Things That People Get Wrong About Doctors


Many people consider doctors second God and that’s not without any reason. Everyone has seen these individuals wearing stethoscopes and assuring smiles on their faces telling their patients to not worry. We trust them with our lives and believe that they’d cure us of any problem – minor or major. However, even with all the good things about doctors, there are certain misconceptions about them and this noble profession.

Doctors Day

Let’s discuss here a few of these myths and misconceptions and know the reality behind it!

Healthcare is a Money-Minting Business

One of the most common notions amongst people is that the healthcare industry is a money-minting business. The reputation of the seemingly noble profession has been questioned frequently. Medical and healthcare services are the basic, constitutional right of every citizen of India, but a lot of medical research requires money and they add burden to the pocket. Many responsible doctors invest their time and effort into it as they value their patients’ lives. Several medical professionals work hard to provide free care and medicines to the underprivileged patients, but don’t advertise it. At the bottom of it all, it is important for people to sometimes consider healthcare away from the rampant commercialization.

Doctors are Insensitive

Medical profession requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and spirit to handle the chaos in a calm manner, which necessitates the doctors to override the emotional turbulence going inside them. It’s not easy to be the bearer of the ‘bad news’ to people. To deal with the immense pressure of saving a life is harrowing. It requires a lot of patience and, to some extent, detachment, to be able to operate on someone battling death. The doctors might come across as an insensitive lot, but mostly they are those people who try their level best to save others by masking their own emotions.

Doctors Enjoy a Great Lifestyle

Talking reality, this is far from the truth. It takes doctors years of practice and hard work to achieve a certain level and position. Erratic shifts, demand of their profession leave them struggling to have a normal work-life balance, leave alone enjoying any sort of perks.

Doctors are Always Healthy

Illness doesn’t differentiate, and the suffering is not alien to health professionals. In fact, the rate of depression is on the rise in doctors too. They too are human beings with emotions and can get frustrated. Many times, they too suffer in silence while working relentlessly towards alleviating someone else’s pain and suffering.

Doctors Know Everything

Had this been true, there would be no further research work, no alternative medicines, no different branches of healthcare unit. It is humanly impossible for one doctor to know everything and be an expert on every health condition. One’s family doctor may be a physician and might be able to point out a symptom or two about a heart-related issue, but it would be properly diagnosed and treated only by a cardiologist. 

What is Doctor’s Contribution Towards Society?

Doctors make a difference in everyone’s lives and their contribution in the society is enormous. They play an important role by:

  • Saving lives of people without thinking about their own comfort.
  • Extending lives through continuously conducting varied research work and projects to come up with effective drugs and medicines.
  • Improving lives by promoting preventive measures through various non-profit camps that they organize to help people.
  • Controlling the epidemics by helping and curing people or affected communities. 

Why do People Celebrate Doctor’s Day?

This noble profession is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the contribution of the doctors towards mankind. This observance fulfills a need to show the doctors and physicians in our lives how important they are to us and how invaluable their treatments are that cure us.

In India, Doctors’ Day is celebrated on the 1st of July, which also commemorates the birth and death anniversary of the prestigious Bharat Ratna recipient, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was an eminent physician and also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Not all heroes wear capes, few wear white coats and we call them doctors. A very happy Doctors’ Day to all!


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