Six Health Benefits of Honey


Why “Winnie the Pooh” Really Loved Honey…

If you have ever been a fan of cartoons in your younger years, then you would remember the still popular character “Winnie the Pooh”. And for those of you who knew that cuddly bear well, you would know that she was a huge fan of honey.

It is likely that in the cartoon that Winnie liked honey for how delicious it was. However, if you were to dig down deep, there is a clear reason why honey was her chosen favourite food.

And no, it is not because honey looks like gold or does it taste sweet but more so because of the numerous health benefits it has.

In a subtle way, this is probably why “Winnie the Pooh” really loved honey.

Health Benefits of Honey:

Honey has been long known to carry a number of health benefits. Here, we shall take a look at some of these benefits that have been proven through clinical research. Some of them may not be what you expected them to be.

Please note that the honey that referred to in this article is raw honey and not the processed honey that you can purchase off-the-shelf in the supermarket. This is because the processing of honey can destroy many of the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. When possible, purchase raw honey to reap the actual health benefits.


  1. Honey Can Help You Manage Your Body Weight

Scientific research has now shown that regular consumption of small amounts of raw honey could help you lose weight. This can be achieved through many different methods but it primarily has to do with the calorie content that honey has as compared to sugar.

It is mostly raw honey that has most of the health benefits especially when it comes to losing weight. This is because it is believed that consumption of raw honey can stimulate certain hormones in the body that could suppress your appetite.

  1. Honey Can Heal Wounds

If you visit the popular scientific research citing site ‘Google Scholar’, a simple search for the ‘effects of honey’ would reveal that honey also helps in the management of skin wounds.

This is because honey contains certain antioxidant chemicals called phytochemicals. These phytochemicals can vary depending on the plant source from which the honey bees have derived the honey.

Not only this, the honey also contains hydrogen peroxide, which is generated from the release of an enzyme by the bees when manufacturing honey. Hydrogen peroxide is a useful agent in wound management as it can remove dead tissue and help the growth of fresh and healthy tissue.

Honey also has many anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve redness and swelling that are associated with tissue wounds. It is particularly helpful in managing small skin burns.

“Winnie the Pooh” probably even used the same honey she stole from bees to nurse her bee sting wounds!!

  1. Honey May Stop Your Sneezes & Wheezes!

Honey may have certain positive effects when it comes to building up your immunity and protecting you from allergies. This is because honey contains bee pollen which in itself is an allergy stimulating substance.

If you are allergic to pollen, then regularly eating small amounts of honey that is derived from the flowers that contain this pollen may help reduce your sneezes and wheezes during the spring season. Of course, it is difficult to source this honey unless you know a local bee keeper!

Try consuming one spoon of raw honey regularly with a glass of warm water to build immunity and help fight your allergies.

  1. Honey Can Boost Your Immunity

While this is being discussed in sections above, it is important to stress the fact that regular consumption of raw honey in small quantities can boost your immunity.

This is because it is rich in antioxidants which can fight harmful free radicals that are generated within the body. Free radicals have been shown to increase the risk of not just infections but also worrying conditions such as cancer.

In one clinical study, individuals were fed 4 tablespoons of honey every day for a period of 29 days in addition to their regular diet. At the end of the trial, it is found that the level of polyphenols in the blood increased remarkably. Polyphenols are antioxidants which help fight infections.

In addition to this, honey also contains other antioxidants called flavonoids. These include pinocembrin, pinostrobin and chrysin which are believed to kill cancer cells.

  1. Honey Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Got diabetes? Then honey could help you control your blood sugars.

There are many that advocate avoiding honey if you have diabetes. However, using raw honey in combination with cinnamon may help control blood sugar is more efficiently. This is because honey is believed to increase the levels of insulin in the bloodstream and thus reduce blood sugar values.

Processed honey is not recommended in managing blood sugar levels.

While some have reaped the benefits of the combination of raw honey and cinnamon on their blood sugar levels, not everybody has the same response. Make sure you speak to your doctor regarding whether you could consume a small amount of honey on a regular basis to try and control your sugars.

  1. Honey Could Reduce Your Cough

When we suffer from a cough, many of us put together a concoction that contains honey, lime juice and ginger. This is traditional treatment is time tested to help relieve throat pain and cough.

This is because raw honey could help reduce the amount of mucus that is produced in the chest and is believed to be as effective as regular cough syrups.

However, make sure your doctor is okay with you trying this therapy instead of cough syrups and antibiotics.

Honey is a wonder of nature. It is packed with numerous health benefits that could even beat some medicines. While Winnie the Pooh never declared it, it is likely she knew how good it was for health.

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