6 Helpful Ways to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


Almost 4 million people across the world are suffering from diabetes and almost 90 percent of them are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. From children to adults, many suffer from type 2 diabetes. Doctors suggest ways to reverse type 2 diabetes and live healthily. Reversing type 2 diabetes does not just include ways to shed weight and maintain blood sugar levels, rather it refers to finding the right ways to reduce the excess insulin production in the human body. The most preferred ways to reverse type 2 diabetes are:

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

1. Say No to Carbohydrates and Yes to Natural Fats

Carbohydrates are nothing but toxins for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It increases insulin levels in the blood. Fat is the only macronutrient that can keep the blood insulin level stable. Hence, one can replace the carbohydrate percentage in their diet with natural fats. Fats from nuts, flax seeds, fish, virgin olive oil, etc. can be consumed. 

2. Make a Weight Loss Plan

Pre-diabetes, obesity, etc. are conditions when the insulin inside the body is not able to convert carbohydrates into sugar. With time, the body tends to produce more insulin to act on carbohydrates and over time, the body ends up becoming insulin resistant. Weight loss can help reach normal blood sugar levels without medication.

3. Exercise 1000 Steps a Day

Even if it is a 5-minute exercise routine, one should not skip it. Exercise is the easiest form of physical activity. It can even include walking at a faster speed that will burn calories and help to keep the blood sugar and insulin levels in control.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Time-restricted feeding, intermittent fasting, one-meal-a-day kind of practices are good for people suffering from diabetes. In these practices, one eats during a fixed window of time and fasts for the rest of the period. This reduces chronically elevated insulin levels in the blood and also keeps the weight under control.

5. Eat More Protein

A balanced diet consists of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat in the right proportion. However, if one has reduced carbohydrate in their diet, they should replace it with pulses or lean meat that will give adequate protein and make them feel full. 

6. Improve the Gut Flora

The gut bacteria are responsible for building the body’s immune system. It has been identified in medical research that type 2 diabetes can be reversed if the gut bacteria’s health is improved. One can eat five different colored vegetables in their meal which will increase photo-nutrients in the body. The non-soluble fiber is the food for gut bacteria and hence, these bacteria become healthy and fight type 2 diabetes.

A rise in insulin level not just increases the incidence of type 2 diabetes but can also lead to an increase in BP, growth of cancer cells, chances of PCOD in women or even atherosclerosis. With these preventive measures, one can avoid chronic type 2 diabetes and other chronic health hazards.


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