6 Summer ESSENTIALS you should ALWAYS carry everywhere with you!


The onset of summer brings with it a myriad combination of things, both good and bad. It is that time of the year when you get to savour delicious summery fruits, bring out the shorts and summer dresses, organise pool parties and go hiking in the mountains. However, you also have to experience the scorching heat, humidity, massive sweating and a forlorn wish of never having to step outdoors. As that is inevitable, it is better to prepare yourself to beat the heat in the best possible way. Listed below are 6 summer essentials that should always accompany you whenever you step out from your home:

Sun screen, to shield your skin


 You must be aware of the depletion of the ozone layer and the fact that there are a lot of harmful rays of the sun that you need to protect your skin from. Applying a sunscreen before you leave home and carrying it along is almost a necessity in today’s times. Apart from protecting your skin from UV rays, it also helps in preventing skin discolouration and reduces blotchiness. A sun screen with SPF of 30 or more is the one that you must use. Apply it half an hour before stepping out and in case you are outdoors for long, carry the lotion and use it after every 4 hours. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is not to use an expired one, as that will result in zero protection from the sun and may also trigger skin irritation.

A pair of sunglasses, if you care for your eyes

Many people pass of sunglasses as a mere fashion accessory, but it is also a very important element for protecting the health of your eyes. Apart from protecting your eyes from the intolerable harsh rays of the sun, it also aids in comfortable vision and can prevent skin cancer. No matter what the activity is, always use a pair of sunglasses when you are outdoors. However, choosing the right sunglass is also very important. The foremost thing that you should see when using a sunglass is that whether it blocks 99-100% of the UVA as well as UVB rays, and 75-90% of the visible light. Once you are sure of that, you can decide about the style; whether you want aviators, wayfarers or the vintage cat’s eye ones.


A trendy fashion accessory, scarves can prove to be very handy when you are stepping out in the summer heat. Apart from the fact that it enhances your outfit in a great way, scarves can provide instant protection to your skin or hair from the damage that can be caused by the harmful rays of the sun. It is true that the skin on your neck is supposedly thinner than that on your face, by almost 10 times. A proper scarf can be the best thing to cover up this sensitive skin, along with your head, shoulders and back. The fact that it also adds glitz to your outfit is just an added advantage.

Deodorant, for smelling good is a necessity

Ever heard of the saying, “Scent is the most powerful memory trigger”? So, no matter which month of the year it is, you must smell good. You generally tend to sweat more in the summer months that increases the chances of developing body odour. Save yourself from an embarrassing situation by always carrying a deodorant or a mini perfume bottle with you. It can refresh you instantly even if you have been outdoors for a long time. The tropical fruity kinds and floral fragrances tend to work great during summer.

 Bottled water, because water is life

Summer months mean dehydration. The extreme heat accompanied by constant sweating manages to suck away a lot of water from your body. It is important that you always stay hydrated, especially during this time. So, carry bottled water wherever you go. Keeping yourself hydrated will prevent the formation of blood clots in your body. It will also help to excrete the excess salt present in your body, thus regulating your blood pressure. Also, it is feasible to carry your own water than buying plastic bottles every time you step out.



As bacteria tend to thrive in warm, moist environments, food poisoning and other diseases (especially the food and air-borne ones) become very common during this time. Do not forget to use a good sanitizer when you think of trying your hand at a new kind of snack. Modern day hand sanitizers contain emollients (moisturizers) that actually improve the condition of your skin. Studies have also revealed that hand sanitizers are better for your skin as compared to soap. Make sure that there is no visible dirt or grim in your hands when you are applying a sanitizer. Also, it should be distributed evenly between the fingers, under the nails and the back of the hands.

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