7 Hidden Signs of Depression


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), India is one of the most depressed countries. Unlike physical pain, mental pain is hard to recognize and diagnose. This World Mental Health Day, let’s openly talk about signs that could indicate you or someone you love could be suffering from depression. Here are 7 hidden signs that you should look out for.

7 Hidden Signs of Depression

1. Changes in Weight and Appetite

A person suffering from depression could either lose appetite leading to weight loss or could have an increased appetite leading to weight gain. If the person is someone who loves food and is suddenly having less amounts or showing disinterest in food or vice versa, it could be an indicator that the person could be showing signs of depression.

Changes in Weight

2. Irregular Sleep Pattern

The second most affected thing after appetite is the sleep. Although improper diet is linked to irregular sleep patterns, it is not the only reason. If the mind is worried too much or have constant negative thoughts running, it could affect the sleep pattern. Person suffering from depression either sleeps too much, is unable to fall and stay asleep or has insomnia. This in turn also affects their mood and daily life.

Irregular Sleep Pattern

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3. Unexplained Fatigue

Physical strain, lack of hydration and lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, but unexplained fatigue occurs when one is mentally strained. People who are suffering from depression find it difficult to get out of bed. They also find it strenuous to perform normal activity and are in a constant state of ‘feeling tired’.

Unexplained Fatigue

4. Forced Happiness

We humans are social animals and sometimes it can get hard to catch up with everything happening around us. In a group of people, it could get very hard to spot someone fake smiling or trying hard to connect. A person with depression forces themselves to be happy in a social setting rather than just emoting what they actually feel.

Forced Happiness

5. Loss of Interest

This is something that happens over time and is very difficult to spot. A person who likes dancing would stop going to classes, or someone who loves cooking, slowly starts losing interest in food. If you or your loved ones notice these signs, the best thing to do is get back to the hobby that you like. 

Loss of Interest

6. Anger and Irritation 

An agitated mind gets irritated at the smallest of things. For example, the lift taking time to come up or not finding the right clothes to wear can set them off and can affect their mood. If you notice anyone getting angry for the smallest of things, there could be a possibility that he/she could be suffering from depression. 

Anger and Irritation

7. Health Issues and Physical Pain

Depression can also cause physical pain,like headaches, stomach pain, shoulder aches and back pain. These pain are unexplainable and the reason cannot be traced apart from mental strain.These signs are quite often missed as a sign of symptoms and are often related to something else.

Health Issues and Physical Pain


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