7 SUPER tips on how to GET OVER anxiety and fear for GOOD


Anxiety is a bad cocktail of fear and apprehension that can easily disrupt your regular activities. The moment you let anxiety in, you are allowing stress and unnecessary fears to get the better of you, time in and time out. Read on to understand how to get over anxiety and fear.

anxiety-and-fearFear and anxiety can cripple you, to say the least. Let’s consider an example. Suppose you aren’t exactly happy with your job and the place you are stuck in. However, the very apprehension and the accompanying resistance to any sort of change will make it difficult for you to move out of that place, thus piling up on your misery and low self-confidence. It might not be the fear of facing up to new people or sitting for an interview; it could also be the general fear and anxiety that follows you in the wake of any change, no matter how severe or trivial it might be. Thus, you only end up sitting right where you were instead of sending out your CV to places which could have been a welcome change that was so crucial in your life at that point in time.

The subject of how to face your innate fears is what comes up in most motivational speeches as their primetime feature; however, it might not be that simple all the time. To word it correctly, it might be easier said than done. But it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to stay stuck in the rut. Listed below are 8 super actionable tips on how you can kick your anxiety and apprehension:

Control the way you feel and be disciplined

Letting anxiety grip you is like taking a wild roller coaster ride. The moment you entertain and let negative thoughts in your head, they won’t take much time to multiply and assume Goliath proportions. The thing that can help is to put an end to those thoughts right then. Distract yourself, invest your time in something productive or any other leisure activity, or if need be, go and speak to a professional who you think can clear your system of these vicious thoughts. Mostly, your fears are nothing but little distorted elements of the reality you live in. It is always helpful to let somebody tell you and point out the futility of such fears so that you can stop over exaggerating their proportions. Be disciplined in your life; stick to a routine that focuses on your physical well-being. Remember, being in good physical shape can positively impact the way you think.

Make positive thinking a conscious decision

positive-thinkingTry to see the glass as being half filled. Considering it to be half empty will only make room for your fears to unnecessarily perpetuate and finally mar your sanctity. It isn’t untrue when they say that what you think could spill over to your reality. The mantra here shouldn’t be on thinking about how to stop thinking negatively, but being fixated on thinking nothing but positive and good.

Keep yourself invested

The maxim ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ cannot be any more true. Right from the moment you wake up in the morning, keep yourself busy and keep moving. Complete your exercises, volunteer to do something for the family or step out for your work right away. Don’t undermine the importance of a regular exercise regimen. Long hours of idleness could be inviting apprehension and anxiety.

Don’t shy away from reviewing and revising your expectations

Do you consider yourself a failure if something doesn’t happen the way you had planned it? Perfectionists, no matter what the verdict, are usually crippled with their fears and anxiety of something not turning out perfect. Revise your expectations to fit in well with the circumstances.

Plan your future course of action

It isn’t mandatory to tackle all your fears at once. Sometimes, you can succeed by taking each issue head on, one step at a time. Break your future course of action into smaller sets. Suppose your fear is facing the crowd at an interview, start by reading up skills from the internet and hold a mock interview session with somebody you can trust and confide in. You will be making progress, slow but surely steady.

Be mindful

Fear hits you in the eye the moment you make up a situation in your mind that emphasizes your apprehension. Rewrite the whole story in your mind, the only difference being that this time around; give yourself a shot at confidence that will help you take the most important first step. Fear usually stems when you needlessly visit past instances when you might not have been at your best or worrying about future failures. Breathe deep and remind yourself that right now, you are perfectly fine and good to take on the world.

Think about successes you’ve had in the past

Stop thinking about the devil all the time; consciously remind yourself that you’ve had successes and your share of glory in the past. That should sail your boat.

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