7 Ways In Which You Could Be Hurting Your Heart & Warning Signs


It is no secret that an active and healthy heart can help a person live a normal life, which makes it very important to be aware of things that can harm your heart. Heart diseases are often the result of unhealthy lifestyles, improper food habits and environmental factors. While some reasons for heart damage seem obvious, others might come as a surprise. So, read on to know what could be harming your heart without your knowledge. Also, watch out for signs that indicate heart problems and consult a doctor without delay to get the right tests done. It can save your life.   

Reasons for Heart Damage

Surprising Reasons for Heart Damage:

Here is a list of things that might cause heart damage, without you realizing it at first. Most of these reasons work overtime to impact your heart health negatively and sometimes suddenly.

  1. Oral Hygiene: Do you maintain proper oral hygiene? If no, start doing so because periodontal diseases may lead to infection of the heart. Chronic periodontal diseases and chronic gingival diseases can lead to infection in the blood which ultimately travels through the heart, thus leading to graver problems.
  2. Noise Pollution: Do you know that loud music which leads to noise pollution causes increased heart rate and causes heart diseases? Loud music and pressure horns are a big reason for you to develop a heart disease. Many people ignore this factor but it plays a major role in weakening the heart. In addition to noise pollution, air pollution weakens your heart too.
  3. Less Sleep: If you are not sleeping enough and leading a life full of stress, it can lead to heart diseases. Lack of sleep leads to a lot of diseases in the human body, and first symptoms include eye bags and constant fatigue. If you are not sleeping sufficiently then your body is not able to get the required rest and so your heart suffers too. Your tired heart will then start working extra hard to keep you alive in your sleepless state.  Such conditions can lead to a stroke.
  4. Smoking: Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer but did you know that it can also adversely affect your heart? Smoking is one of the reasons for cardiovascular diseases. Smoking has a bad effect on your arteries, as it forms a layer of fatty material also known as ‘atheroma’ and it slows down the passage of blood and can lead to strokes and coronary heart diseases.
  5. Food Habits: If your diet includes a lot of sugar and salt, it can be harmful to your heart. Excess oil in food is another major reason for heart diseases, as it has the tendency to increase your blood cholesterol and clog your arteries, thereby hampering the blood flow. Though consumption of a large amount of fat and sugar has a bad impact on the whole body, it attacks your heart mainly. In the long run, it can cause heart attacks and strokes too. Consumption of junk foods or processed foods, in the long run, can be problematic as well.
  6. Lifestyle: In the modern world, most people spend a lot of time with their gadgets like laptops, phones and tablets. They hardly indulge in physical activities like walking, running or any form of sports. Naturally, obesity is a common problem these days and can lead to heart diseases. A healthy lifestyle which involves exercising and having healthy food is something that can keep your heart healthy and active. This is because exercising can burn extra calories and reduce the chances of your arteries getting clogged with fat.
  7. Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol not only causes kidney failure but also causes heart diseases. If you are a regular drinker, then this regular intake of alcohol can lead to thinning of your heart veins and thus your heart will face problem in pumping blood sufficiently. This can lead to a lot of heart problems. Moderate drinking is said to help the heart, but it is not the reason to start drinking. A healthy heart can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle and by consuming healthy foods and non-fizzy drinks also.

Warning Signs of Heart Diseases:

If you want to prevent heart ailments and especially heart attacks, then you can look out for these symptoms in your body and take precautions beforehand:

  • Problem in Breathing: You might develop breathing problems such as shortness of breath even without doing any sort of physical work or you might get tired very early if you have heart problems.
  • Swelling: You might notice that your legs, feet and ankles have become swollen. This symptom is very painful.
  • Tiredness: You might feel that you are low on energy and can get exhausted very early on. You might experience weakness in your entire body and might not feel like even leaving the bed.
  • Dizziness: You might suddenly faint out of exhaustion. Feeling dizzy and fainting is a major sign of heart issues and you should get a test done immediately.
  • Loss of Appetite: You might not feel hungry and eating anything might make you nauseous.

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Some of the other symptoms include lack of concentration, quick pulse and coughing up mucus, among many others. High blood pressure and palpitation are also telltale signs of impending heart disease.

Tests to Detect Heart Diseases:

If you are worried that you might be suffering from a heart disease then you can take the following tests:

  • Fasting blood sugar and lipid profile: If you have high blood sugar or high cholesterol levels or both, you are more prone to heart disease. Therefore get your fasting blood sugar and lipid profile levels checked annually after the age of 35 years so that corrective measures can be taken.
  • ECG: Electrocardiogram or ECG is a recording of the electrical signals emitted by the heart. It shows your heart beat rate and rhythm and records any abnormality. A normal ECG means your chances of having heart problems are less.
  • Stress echo: This test will tell you about the working efficiency of your heart and also show if there are any blockages in the blood supply of your heart.

Regular tests are necessary in order to monitor the condition of your heart. Early detection and early treatment can greatly reduce the risk of heart diseases. Making lifestyle changes, eating nutritious foods and staying away from risk factors like loud noises and stress are other ways to have a healthy heart.


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