8+ Benefits of Aam Panna


If we are being honest with ourselves, nearly every nineties child has memories of sultry summer afternoons and the taste of aam panna, a summer favourite. Aam panna was served with the same message from every adult “it will save you from the heat outside”. As we grew up and got busy, we lost our childhood as well as aam panna with it, other health fads replaced our need for aam panna. Myths about how fattening mango is made some of us avoid the fruit in every form. However, the internet myths about mango are just myths. Yes, excess of any good thing is bad but good things in measured amounts can be extremely beneficial.

Aam Panna is no different,  incidentally did you know, that aam panna actually helps us in reducing some weight? There is so much to the tangy drink we don’t know about because it has always been taken for granted. Now, here we are, let’s explore this delectable and healthy drink together, starting with the most basic question:

What is Aam Panna?

Aam Panna or Green Mango Drink is a tangy, drink made of green mango/unripe mango pulp which is rich in pectin, malic, citric and oxalic acids. This drink is a great rehydration drink which prevents the loss of necessary salts and iron from our bodies. Since the drink is made from raw/unripe mangoes, it is already a little tangy in taste but people may prefer it as salty or sweet, depending on what else is being added to the drink. The colour of the drink ranges of being pale yellow to pale green, generally the green colour is caused by the addition of mint leaves to the drink. Aam Panna has been a part of Indian houses for centuries and has led to several innovations to make it more exciting, one of these innovations is replacing pani puri/golgappa water with aam panna, which is just as tangy or sweet and comparatively healthy. These innovations, however bring us to the bigger question, where did aam panna originate from? Who thought of creating this refreshing drink and why?

Aam PannaHistory of Aam Panna:

The history of Aam Panna is intricately carved into the history of the fruit Aam. The love of mango has waged wars, won kingdoms, solidified peace treaties and collaborations between kings. In fact it is rumoured that of the few things Alexander took from Porus’ court, the fruit mango was one of them. Dubbed as the “fairest fruit of hindustan”, mango enticed nearly all mughal rulers to the extent that specialized mango gardens and courier channels were developed to bring mango to the mughal rulers. This is where history comes in conflict with itself.

According to one historical account, it is believed that Aam Panna originated from the state of Maharashtra where the locals developed this drink to beat the intense heat they suffered. The dish and its recipe was then carried onto other parts of the country through the accounts of travellers and merchants.

Another account states that such was the love for Mango amongst the Mughal kings, especially Shah Jahan and Jahangir that they awarded their khansamas or royal cooks for being adventurous with the fruit and innovating new dishes out of mango. Aam Panna was one such award winning adventurous drink.

The history and origins of aam panna is shrouded in intrigue, no one can definitely and confidently say when aam panna was innovated, however, be it from the far ends of Maharashtra or the kitchens of the Mughals, aam panna quietly entered the Indian households somewhere along the journey of time and stayed. If we are to believe that aam panna originated from Maharashtra, one wonders how did they know back then what the benefits of aam panna were? And this brings us to the more pertinent question, what are the benefits of aam panna?

Benefits of Aam Panna:

Aam Panna isn’t a favourite for no reason. It has several health benefits. The most historical and validated health benefit of aam panna is that it helps protect the body from the heat during summers. That has been the age old wisdom, however we now know exactly how aam panna protects the body from heat or suffering a heatstroke. Here are some of the benefits of aam panna:

1. Re-hydrates, Maintains Electrolyte Balance and Prevents Loss of Iron:

The earliest quality of aam panna is that it beats the heat by rehydrating the body. Among the several components involved in making a glass of aam-panna, salt and sugar are primary. Aam panna is a wholesome rehydrating agent, its salt and sugar base helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance within the body. Aam Panna also prevents the loss of necessary nutrients like iron.

2. Rich in Nutrients:

Aam Panna is rich in several nutrients like the protein Pectin only found in unripe mango. It is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, iron, and folates. In fact, one glass of aam panna by itself is enough to provide for your daily need of iron.

3. Fights Depression:

Vitamin B6 present in aam panna helps the body in releasing hormones which relax and de-stress the brain. Aam Panna also is rich in glutamine acid which helps with increasing brain power and memory retention.

4. Cures Digestive Disorders:

Aam panna is made of green mangoes which are rich in pectin. Pectin inside the human body helps regulate the digestive process and cure ailments like diarrhea, piles, gastroenteritis, and constipation.

5. Strengthens Immune System:

Aam Panna is especially helpful against bacterial diseases. It is also rich in various acids which help regulate the liver and fight diseases like jaundice. Aam panna is instrumental in building resistance against tuberculosis, anemia and cholera.

6. Protects Eyes:

Aam Panna is rich in vitamin A which contributes to the health of your eyes. Vitamin A also protects the eyes from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.

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7. Prevents Cancer:

The vitamin C in aam panna interacts with the body and leads to the formation of antioxidants in the body. The antioxidants present in body help prevent various forms of skin cancer like breast cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer and so on.

8. Protects Foetus:

The folates present in aam panna help during pregnancy. The folates protect the fetus and prevent the development of any kind of deformity in the fetus.

9. Regulates Diabetes:

It is known that mango in no way contributes to raising the blood sugar levels of the body, and aam panna if ingested in regulated amounts can help reduce blood sugar levels of the body because green mango has low glycemic load, the condition being that no sugar has been added to the concoction.  1 2  3

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Recipes for Preparing Aam Panna:

1. Aam Panna With Jaggery:

Time: 25 Minutes                            Serves: 2

Aam Panna With Jaggery Ingredients:

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Aam Panna With Jaggery Preparing Method:

1. Wash the mangoes and put then in a pressure cooked with some water. Let them cook till 3-4 whistles then take the cooker off heat and let the mangoes cool.

2. Once the mangoes are cool enough handle, peel the skin off and separate the pulp from the seed/stone.

3. Add the pulp, black pepper, cardamom, rock salt, powdered jaggery and 2 tbsp water in a blender and blend.

4. Store the mix in an airtight jar.

5. To make 500 ml of aam panna, add 2-3 tbsp blended mix in 500 ml of water and mix well. Pour them in glasses, add ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves.

2. Aam Panna With Sugar:

Cooking Time: 40 Minutes                        Serves: 4

Aam Panna With Sugar Ingredients:

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Aam Panna With Sugar Preparing Method:

  1. Wash and Boil Mangoes.
  2. Once cooled, peel them, separate the pulp and seed.
  3. Add the pulp in a bowl, mash and strain the pulp.
  4. Add cumin powder, black pepper, black salt, hing and sugar to the strained juice. Mix well.
  5. Add this mix into 1 ltr of chilled water, stir well, pour in glasses and serve chilled.

3. Smoked and Salty Aam Panna

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes                    Serves: 4

Smoked and Salty Aam Panna Ingredients:

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Smoked and Salty Aam Panna Preparing Method:

  1. Wash the mangoes, pat them dry, cut thin slits on the mangoes and rub them with some cooking oil.
  2. Now place the mangoes on an iron mesh (generally used for grilling on flame), and grill the mangoes on flame.
  3. In a large bowl, pour 500 ml of drinking water. Once the mangoes are grilled, put them in water to let them cool down.
  4. Once the mangoes have cooled down, peel them, separate the pulp and seed, and mash the pulp in the same water used for cooling the mangoes.
  5. Add cumin powder, black pepper powder, hing, chaat masala and salt and mix well. Strain this water in a jug filled with 500 ml chilled water. Stir well, pour in glasses and serve.

Side-Effects of Aam Panna:

Although there are no recorded harmful side-effects of aam panna, there are several allergies one might contract because of the other elements used to make aam panna. Diabetic patients should prefer a salty aam panna. Also, drinking too much of aam panna may lead to some discomfort.

Nutrition Facts of Aam Panna:

We now know that aam panna is one of the healthiest drinks for summer and fairly easy to make. We know that it helps our body in many ways like prevention of diseases, helping in pregnancy, fighting cancer and regulating diabetes. It looks like whoever created this drink, knew it would be a gift to humanity in the long run. What astounds us even more are the nutrition facts about aam panna. One serving of aam panna includes:

179 calories and a total fat of 1 gram but this fat does not contain even trace amounts of trans fats, polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats or saturated fats. What is even more interesting is that aam panna contains zero cholesterol. However, it contains adequate amounts of sodium, potassium, natural sugar, protein and fiber. Aam Panna also contains  a very low amount of carbohydrates. Although it is made up of 8% of vitamins A, 23% of vitamin C, 10% of iron and 5% of calcium among other important vitamins and minerals.

However, it should be kept in mind that this calculation of nutrients may vary depending on your calorie needs and the ingredients used in making aam panna.

If you were wondering about why we named aam panna as the nectar of the Gods, we hope you have an answer now. Aam Panna truly is a gift of the Gods, rich in nutrients, a friend and protector of the body and mind and extremely good to taste. A sip of this drink refreshes anyone who has been exposed to the hardships of a sunny day. There are several more alternatives to making aam panna available in the market today, there are several brands who sell aam panna powder mixes, as well as concentrated juices which could be mixed with water to make this delectable drink. We would however suggest that you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and prepare this drink at home. There are several preservatives attached to artificially flavoured drinks, they may taste the same but may not come with as many health benefits as a fresh drink made at home.

We hope you enjoy these summers with these easy to make recipes of aam panna which are sure to take you back to your childhood and memories of more carefree times. We would love to hear from you, leave us a comment on what aam panna means to you. If you have any recipes that you think would give a different twist to aam panna, please mention them in the mail too, we would love to curate more ideas on this miracle drink.


Mango Leaves and Diabetes:

– 23rd Aug 2018

Raw mango has been known to help manage the symptoms of diabetes. Mango leaves are believed to be just as full of nutrients. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine uses mango leaf extract to help manage the symptoms of both diabetes and asthma. In 2010, a study supported the viability of using mango leaf extract for managing diabetes. In the study, scientists divided diabetic rats into two groups. One group was fed with mango leaf extract while the other was given placebo. It was observed that the group which had been fed with mango leaf extract absorbed lesser amount of glucose, this is because mango leaf extract helped increase the insulin production of the body. To enjoy the benefits from mango leaves, drink mango leaf extract water where 10-15 fresh mango leaves have been boiled and then left overnight to cool down.

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