8 Rules to Follow for a Healthier and Fitter Life


[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood health is a privilege and a choice, which is only available to those people who work hard for it. You will not become fitter by simply sitting around thinking about it. It is vital that you take the necessary steps to achieve your fitness goals. However, you may not have a clue how to go about changing your lifestyle so that you become healthier. Fret not and read on to find out 8 simple changes that is guaranteed to make you fit in no time.

healthier and fitter life

1. Healthy Diet:

One of the most important factors of healthy living is the diet that you follow. Think of your body as a sports car and the foods as the fuel that powers that car. While fresh fruits and vegetables are the best fuel source, junk foods and foods with excess artificial sugars act as the worst kind of fuel. So, to keep the body running in its perfect state, you need to ensure that you only eat the most beneficial foods.

If you are unsure about your current diet, visit a nutritionist. The doctor will be able to judge what your body needs in order to stay healthy. Follow the diet charted out by the nutritionist and limit saturated fat intake.

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2. Good Night’s Sleep:

Sleep is extremely important in order to keep your body performing at its peak. Following a healthy diet without the proper amount of sleep each day will not result in any health benefits. Adults should ideally sleep around 6-7 hours each day. If you sleep lesser than the recommended amount, both your mental and physical health starts to deteriorate.

Some people suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. In such a case, visit the doctor and figure out a way to control the condition. Avoid taking smaller naps throughout the day and make it a point to only sleep at night. Proper sleep helps to regulate the cardiac muscles, along with regulating the blood pressure levels. Sleep is also necessary for maintaining a good memory retention power.

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3. Relaxation:

In today’s world, everyone is busy and stressed. But, even in such conditions, you need to keep aside a few minutes each day just so that you can relax. The best way to do this is to either engage in breathing exercises or meditate. Meditation has many beneficial effects regarding the health of a person.

Another easy way of relaxing and prevent stress is to go on a vacation. Try to go on short trips for a day or two whenever possible. This will also help to keep all your worries at bay, while giving you mental and physical peace.

4. Balanced Exercise Regimen:

Even if you are physically active and follow an exercise routine, your body may not be getting the full benefit from that regimen. You have to ensure that your exercise regimen includes a workout of all the major parts of your body. For instance, include cardio activities in your regimen to improve heart functionalities and regulate blood pressure. Muscle-building and stretching exercises are important for the general well-being of the body muscles and overall flexibility.

If you are unsure about the regimen that you should follow, consult the gym instructors to get a detailed routine set up.

5. Manage your Waistline:

The waistline is indicative of the overall health of the person. You may be quite slim overall, but have fatty deposit in the waist area. This indicates that there is a problem with your diet or that you need to engage in better physical activity or exercises. In general, prevent fat from accumulating on the waist and stomach region.

Doctors claim that ideally, adults should limit their waistline to 34 inches. If you find that your waistline exceeds this limit, you may be in danger of developing diabetes or cardiac issues.

6. Be Social:

Humans are social animals. This means that people stay better when they remain in contact with each other. So, do not isolate yourself. Make friends and enjoy family time. This helps in keeping your mind relaxed and free of anxiety. It also helps against depression. Do not be consumed in your work so much that you cannot find time for your friends and relatives.

7. Long term Goals:

When you set up your fitness goals, try to think about the long-term solution and do not make short-term plans. For instance, do not make plans to lose weight just for that upcoming wedding or party. Instead, plan to remain healthy for as long as you live. Commit yourself completely to following a healthier lifestyle.

Another important aspect to remember is to keep a realistic goal when it comes to fitness. Remember that good health does not necessarily mean a muscular body. Your goal should be to keep excess fat off and to keep your stamina levels high. Most athletes do not possess muscular physiques but, yet they are at the peak of their fitness levels. Choose a diet according to your fitness goals.

8. Quit Smoking and Reduce Drinking:

Smoking is one of those vices, which does not have any beneficial effects. When you smoke a cigarette, it only causes harm to your overall health. The dangers of smoking are well known by now and this habit must be kicked if you intend to stay fit and healthy. This may sound like a difficult proposition, but you will be able to do it if you have a strong resolve.

Drinking alcohol on the other hand may have some benefits when consumed in very limited quantities. However, abusing alcohol is strict no-no if you want to stay fit. Excess drinking can affect the liver and in severe cases, also cause cirrhosis of the same.

If you can stick to these 8 steps, staying healthy should not be a problem for you. However, make sure that you are ready to make the transition to this healthy living before initiating the process.


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