9 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy


Cardiovascular health should not be taken lightly and the key to having a healthy heart lies in regular exercise, healthy diet and taking a break to enjoy life. These simple tricks and hacks, when inculcated in our daily routines can keep the heart happy and going strong.

9 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Eat Right

Eat Right

1. Eat Good Fats

Good fats like monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats provides and stores energy in your body. They are rich in MUFAs, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids which are not only important for proper brain function, but also helps reduce cholesterol levels and triglycerides. This lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes.

2. Include Superfoods in Your Diet

You can avert risks of cardiovascular diseases by multiple lifestyle changes and one of them being adding superfoods that are high in minerals, antioxidants and fibers to your diet which can fight factors like LDL, inflammation, triglycerides.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Studies show that people who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of heart diseases than those who do not. Our first meal of the day is very important when it comes to keeping our health on track. Eating breakfast provides calories to kick-start metabolism, which in turn gives energy needed for the day.

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Get Active

Get Active

4. Cardio Workouts

Keeping our cardiovascular health wholesome should be on top of our list. Heart being one of the most vital muscles in the body, requires regular care and strengthening. Cardio exercises that increases our heart rates which helps in capillaries carrying more oxygen through the body.

5. Take the Stairs

Ditching the elevator and taking the stairs is a great way to get your body sweating and heart pumping. Climbing stairs not only burns more calories than jogging, but is also good for cardiovascular health. Some researches have shown that taking flight of stairs can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 30%. Plus, no more waiting in the queue!

6. Practice Yoga

Yoga is known to increase flexibility and improve posture, but in addition to that it can enhance our heart health. Apart from relieving stress, yoga can help reduce blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, which are major triggers for heart diseases. Practicing yoga also doubles up as an exercise which is important for healthy lifestyle as well.

Pause & Enjoy life

Pause & Enjoy life

7. Sleep Well

Having a good night’s sleep should be an essential part of our lifestyle as it contributes to better emotional and physical health. An uninterrupted, good quality sleep can lower levels of stress and inflammation which decreases chances of stroke or any other heart diseases. Getting a good amount of sleep is also linked to alleviating blood pressure problems.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Often times our mind wanders leaving us distracted and ignorant towards important matters like health. Mindfulness is the art of practicing how to be aware of our surroundings and this has a lot of health benefits. It helps reduce anxiety, stress and depression which is very important in order to keep the heart happy & healthy. A calmer mind equals to lower levels of blood pressure, making it vital for cardiovascular health.

9. Get a Hobby

Most of our childhood and teen years revolved around activities outside of studies that made us happy. It’s time to bring those activities back in our daily life. All work and no play can have some serious consequences on the heart like stress & depression. Take some time out in a day and do what you love whether it is painting, dancing, baking or reading. Hobbies are like quick hacks to keep our heart happy & healthy.

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