An Ultimate Guide to Tackle Indoor Air Pollution


We care so much about outdoor air pollution caused due to smoke from cars and factories, dust, haze and what not. However, we still tend to ignore the air inside our homes, offices and other buildings, which can be as polluted as the outside air. Air pollution is one of the major modern-day problems and everyone should ensure that the indoor air quality is adequate for a healthy life.

Ultimate Guide to Tackle Indoor Air Pollution

What are the Indoor Air Pollutants?

The air we breathe inside our homes can cause a lot of health problems, caused by factors we never really considered to be harmful. Few of the indoor air pollutants are:

Indoor Air Pollutants

How to Keep the Air Clean Inside Our Homes?

There are various methods in which you can ensure that you are breathing clean air, even while being indoors. Below are some of the tips that you can follow to ensure good air quality indoors.

Clean Regularly:

Dust finds its way to your home in many ways including your own body. Dust, dead skin cells, hair etc. are all the factors that can reduce the indoor air quality . So, make sure that you clean your indoor spaces properly and regularly.

Clean Regularly

Avoid Indoor Plants:

Most indoor plants form moss that can increase antibodies that cause allergies. It is suggested that you do your gardening outside the home.

Avoid Indoor Plants

Use an Air Purifier:

If you are living in a city, it’s always better that you have an air purifier indoors. This can better the quality of the air you breathe and keep you healthy at the same time.

Use an Air Purifier

Allow Air Flow:

Closed homes with no ventilation often have very low air quality. Also, ensure that cooking fumes are allowed to leave the home so as to maintain good health.

Allow Air Flow

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