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Ashish Roy is an enthusiastic content developer and his strengths lie in creating catchy headlines and tag liners for articles, video & audio editing and understanding emotions used in hard rock music. If you ever wonder who to ask for lecturing, he will be there to talk the unknown.
Emergency Helpline for Senior Citizens in India

COVID-19: Emergency Helpline for Senior Citizens in India

Across the world, senior citizens are more prone to the COVID-19 virus following the recent death of a 65-year-old woman from Mumbai. What do...
Fight Virus

COVID-19: 10 Do’s and Don’ts To Stay Safe During The Outbreak

COVID-19, a global epidemic that has affected 1,99,054 and counting has turned out to be a deadly virus that threatens the very existence of...
Types of Sanitizers and Face Masks

Types of Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask

The coronavirus outbreak has led to people prioritizing hygiene. The world considers using hand sanitizers and faces masks more than their phones. But knowing...
coronavirus in india

How is Coronavirus Turning Out To Be A World-Wide Danger?

Coronavirus is a virus that’s living amongst us. A devastating epidemic that has turned out to be a deadly killer is now lurking around...
Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured Condoms and Its Benefits

Flavoured condoms! You must be wondering why was such a preventive product introduced in the market and for what reason? Well, this was not...

Why Can’t You Breastfeed After Pregnancy?

Finding it hard to breastfeed or nurse your newborn? Well, bottle-feeding can work well for you. Why can’t a mother breastfeed after pregnancy? Is...
Is Daily Sex Good for Health

Is Daily Sex Good for Health?

A healthy sex life benefits your overall health and there couldn’t be an any better way than to just make love with your partner...
How to Stop masturbating

How and Why You Need to Stop Masturbating?

Masturbating is normal for every man, instead, considered healthy. It is absolutely humane to do it because it boosts sexual pleasure and maintains a...
Increase Breast Size Naturally

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Can you increase breast size? Well, the answer is yes. Most women would want to have the perfect body and for this, every woman...
Women Health

Home Remedies for Period Pain

Suffering from severe period pain? Well, it’s a common thing for every woman to go through. An estimated 80% of women experience severe period...

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