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Ashish Roy is an enthusiastic content developer and his strengths lie in creating catchy headlines and tag liners for articles, video & audio editing and understanding emotions used in hard rock music. If you ever wonder who to ask for lecturing, he will be there to talk the unknown.
World Bone Marrow Day

World Bone Marrow Day: Are You Eligible For Transplantation?

Bone marrow plays an important role in generating blood cells in the body. These blood cells carry oxygen to the lungs and fight infection...

Urine Test: Procedure and Test Result

In order to detect a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, kidney-related disorders and urinary tract infection, your doctor will advise you to...
Foods for Your Child’s Brain Development

10 Foods for Your Child’s Brain Development

Child growth and development are important facts of a child's thought process and well being. Also, the type of food that the child consumes...
Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal Thoughts: A Cause of Extreme Depression

Imagine being degraded or pampered by an entity for a cause or an act that you have no control over. Well, this can be...

Chamki Fever (Encephalitis): Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Encephalitis, popularly known as chamki fever in India, has turned out to be a deadly type of fever that has resulted in the death...
Liver Function Test

Liver Function Test: Purpose and Test Result

The liver plays a vital role in digestion and flushing out toxins from your body. But, what if your liver gets damaged and how...
Dangers of Belly Fat

6 Proven Dangers of Belly Fat and How To Reduce It

Maintaining a trim body can be difficult, but on the positive side, it could add to your self-confidence and healthy lifestyle. On the contrary,...
Best Cancer Hospitals in India

10 Best Cancer Hospitals in India

Cancer, a dreadful disease that involves abnormal growth of cells that do not die, has been a major killing force worldwide. According to a...
Complete Blood Count

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Purpose and Test Result

The effects of ageing can leave you battling with loads of health issues that could be mild or severe. So how do you know...

10 Superfoods that will Instantly Boost Your Metabolism

Your body needs the energy to keep you functioning at ease throughout the day and for that reason, you need to consume foods that...

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