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Dr Anil Kumar Singh
Dr Anil Kumar Singh is a General & Paediatric Surgeon, with over 21 years of experience. He works at Apex Hospital, Delhi. Dr. Singh completed his M.B.B.S. from Allahabad University and his M.S. in general surgery in 1994.
Bowel Resection

Bowel Resection: Everything You Need to Know

Any surgery that involves the removal of parts of the bowel is known as the bowel resection. It can be done in the stomach,...

Baby Care – Feeding Tips, Postures & Knowing When to Call a Doctor

So, you brought your newborn baby home. Congratulations! Now get ready for the ride of your life! Becoming a mother is being able to hold...

Gallbladder Removal Surgery: Procedure, Recovery and Cost

A gallbladder removal surgery is performed when a person’s gallbladder has stones, or does not function well. While this organ is essential as it...
Birth Defects

What are My Chances of Having a Baby with Birth Defects?

As an expecting parent, you just cannot stop yourself from daydreaming about the little baby growing within you. From wondering about the life you...

What Happens to the Bile Duct After Gallbladder Removal?

Gallbladder surgery is an essential treatment for patients suffering from gallstones. The surgery is also known as a cholecystectomy and is a fairly common...

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