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Dr. K.V. Vinoth
Dr. K.V. Vinoth is a Diabetologist practicing in Swathi Clinic, with over 5 years of experience. He completed his M.Med from MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital in 2009. He holds a membership with the Diabetic Foot Society of India.
Newborn Baby Have Low Sugar Levels

Can a Newborn Baby Have Low Sugar Levels at Birth?

Research has concluded that one out of six kids born has the possibility of neurological issues when they become toddlers. This has been associated...
Diabetic Nephropathy

Can Diabetes Cause Kidney Failure?

Diabetes is a progressive disease. Organs like kidney, eyes, heart, etc. are affected slowly because of diabetes. Diabetic nephropathy is a chronic-diseased condition of...

Smoking and Diabetes – Health Risks, Effects, and How to Quit

Everyone knows that smoking is a health hazard, but most people are unaware that smoking can increase the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Smoking...

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