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Dr. Mahesh Kumar Gupta

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Gupta
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Guptais a family physician practicing at Gupta Hospital & Diagnostic Centre, Jaipur. He has 19 years of experience. He completed his M.D. (Medicine) in 1999 and holds the memberships of IMA and RMC.
Stomach Cancer

Stomach Ulcer and Stomach Cancer – Know the Difference

The stomach is a sac-like structure in the abdominal area which has a mucosal lining surface on the inside, through which food passes. This...
Urine Colour

What Does Your Urine Colour Say About Your Health?

Urine is the liquid form of waste that is excreted by the body periodically. Composed of urea, water, salt, and uric acid, this liquid...

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