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Dr. Rajiv Jindal
Dr. Rajiv Jindal is a heart disease specialist practicing at Dr. Rajiv Jindal Clinic in Delhi. He completed his MBBS and DTCD from Delhi University, and FCGP from IMA College. He is a member of M.C.C.P., IMA C.G.P. He regularly conducts P.F.T., Diabetes, and thyroid evaluation camps, as well as free medical camps for people below poverty line.
Effects of Weight Lifting on the Chest

A Guide on the Effects of Weight Lifting on the Chest

Weight training exercises are a great way of staying fit and healthy, which is why more and more men and women are adding them...
Acid Reflux

Know All about Acid Reflux and Gas

Acid reflux and gas are two common discomforts that many people experience in day-to-day life. While acid reflux is primarily caused due to the...

Angina: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Remedies

The term angina refers to a pain experienced in the heart. It is an extremely common condition, with over 10 million people in India...
Chest Trauma

Chest Trauma: Types, Guidelines, and Treatments

The term chest trauma refers to different injuries that can occur to the chest. The trauma can be blunt (for instance, a blow to...
Chest Pain

GERD (Non-Cardiac Chest Pain): Causes and Treatment

When you think of chest pain, the mind immediately jumps to cardiovascular disease, most commonly heart attacks. However, all chest pains do not have...

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