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Chief Editorial Staff at Medlife is a team of experts presenting health-related articles in Medlife Blog.
Medlife Awarded Best Healthcare Startup 2019

Medlife Awarded Best Healthcare Startup 2019

Medlife, India’s largest online pharmacy was awarded the ‘Best Healthcare Startup’ by FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2019 at The Le Meridien, New Delhi. One...
World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day: How to Prevent Mosquitoes Around You

What is it About? The World Mosquito Day is celebrated on August 20 each year in memory of Sir Ronald Ross, a British doctor. In...
Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

11 Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

It's very hard for some people to wake from sleep and feel fresh in the morning. There are several factors that can lead to...
Weight Loss

7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

So, you tried all those fancy diets in the hope to reduce weight, but still struggling? Wondering what could have gone wrong with the...
Prashant and Anant Narayanan | Medlife

Medlife to See Stupendous Growth With New CEO Ananth Narayanan

Medlife, an e-pharmacy mogul of India, has seen tremendous growth since its advent in 2014. And it is planning to take it to new...

Yellow and Black Jaundice: Causes, Signs and Symptoms

Yellow yellow, unhealthy fellow! Yeah you heard it right... If your skin is gaining yellowish tinge and even the eyes, nails, urine or poop...

World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Mommies

Do you often get frazzled thinking about being the perfect mother to your lil’ bundle of joy? The new mommy role may feel daunting,...
Stomach Infections

8 Ways to Avoid Stomach Infections

We all like to savor various food delicacies. But it’s quite disappointing when the food you eat makes you sick and one of the...

7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Chikungunya

Monsoon, mosquitoes and maladies-what a deadly trio! It’s not just the shower of relief from grueling heat that comes with monsoon but, there are...
Viral Fever

How to Tackle Viral Fever this Monsoon

As the monsoon breeze ushers in the pleasant weather pouring relief from the scorching heat waves, it brings along the unpleasant bacterial and viral...

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