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10 Essential Minerals for Women to Stay Healthy

10 Essential Minerals for Women to Stay Healthy

In modern time, women juggle their career and home life efficiently. However, you may end up neglecting your health while struggling to be good...

E-Consulting: Seeing a Doctor from the Comfort of Your Home

Imagine a newly posted doctor somewhere in rural India looking at the symptoms of a disease that he is not familiar with. He remembers...
Heart Disease Deaths in Youths

Heart Disease Deaths on the Rise Among Indian Youth

Why are young Indians prone to heart diseases and how can you prevent yourself from having one? Heart disease related deaths are getting younger...

Incredible Health Benefits of Essential Oils in Daily Life

Essential oils have been used for health and medicinal purposes for many years. These oils are produced by extraction or distillation of various parts...
Fake Medicines - A Growing Menace in India

Fake Medicines – A Growing Menace in India

A new business has taken huge strides worldwide and is affecting India as well - the idea of selling substandard and fake medicines. It...
Human Heart Beat

Human Heart Beat: Can Emotions be Pumped Through Blood?

Is your heart only a blood pumping organ or can it make you feel? If so, how is this possible? A study conducted by...

All About Alzheimer’s: Cause, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s disease is a widely recognized mental health issue that is irreversible in nature. It is a progressive brain disorder which gradually, over time,...
Uses of Triphala

Use of Triphala for Vision and Eye Care

Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine that has many uses. The word Triphala is a Sanskrit word, which translates to ‘three fruits’. This name is...

Things You Should Know To Keep Blood Pressure Numbers in Check

Blood pressure numbers change constantly in most people, depending on the time of day, the activity that person is involved in and the environment...
Chest Pain

Chest Pain – The What, Why, and How

Chest Pain may not always point towards a heart attack but must never be ignored. Whether mild or severe, a doctor should always be...

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