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Mrinalini is working as a creative copywriter at Medlife. Introvert in nature, but loves to explore (just like the curious cat). Travel is always on her mind and cannot say no to a good cup of coffee. She aspires to write content that will inspire people one day.
Lose Weight at Workplace

12 Easy Ways to Lose Weight at Workplace

The hustle and bustle of fast-paced environment with the comfort of a 9-5 job can sure seem charming but it comes with its own...

Breast Milk Bank: What You Should Know

Lactation (production of milk in the mammary glands), is the only source by which the new born baby gets food and the nourishment it...

Eye Strain: Effective Tips to Combat It

The medical term for eye strain is also known as asthenopia and is a growing concern now a days. Eye strain occurs when you...

Vaccination Schedule for Your Child

Being a parent can be both, exciting as well as overwhelming! Vaccination (or immunization) is a preventive care to keep your little one away...

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