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Sumit Chakraborty
Sumit is working as a copywriter with Medlife. As a hybrid writer, he loves to write encrypted and witty slogans and expects the world to decipher it. A foodie by heart, he likes to roam around the city hunting for that perfect burger which will fly him to space and back in one bite.
Dandruff Issues in Summer

Dandruff Issues in Summer

Summer brings serious hair problems such as hair fall, frizzy hair, itchy scalp, dry hair and more. Out of these, dandruff happens to quite...
Summer Skin Problems

Precautions to Deal with Summer Skin Problems

Summer is at its peak! While it brings with it the chance to spend time near any waterbody, it at the same time brings...
Medicine Storage

Mistakes To Avoid in Medicine Storage

Summer is all about prickly heat waves and unbearable heat. We need utmost protection from the scorching sun ready to take on us. But what...
Respiratory Disorders

Best Home Remedies for Respiratory Disorders

Respiratory problems are quite common among children and adults in India. Unlike other bodily issues, respiratory problems are a cluster of disorders which can...
Dermatology Queries During Summer

5 Frequently Asked Dermatology Queries During Summer

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun in the sun. No matter how lively summer can be, it can also dampen your fun...
Ultimate Guide to Tackle Indoor Air Pollution

An Ultimate Guide to Tackle Indoor Air Pollution

We care so much about outdoor air pollution caused due to smoke from cars and factories, dust, haze and what not. However, we still...
Kidney Health

3 Fruits Proven Great for Your Kidney Health

Kidneys are the natural cleaners of our body. In today’s sedentary lifestyle it’s quite difficult to maintain a healthy functioning of the kidneys and...

Malaria: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Prevention

In the year 1897, Sir Ronald Ross in India discovered that mosquitoes transmit malarial parasites into the human body, thus, causing malaria. Even 100...
Liver Cleansing Foods

7 Liver Cleansing Foods that are Good for You

Liver is the largest organ sitting on the right side of the belly that weighs 3 pounds. The food that our body digests, absorbs...
Health Benefits of Essential Oils

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been brought to use for health and medicinal purposes for many years. It is used as an antiviral & anti-bacterial therapy,...

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