Can You Get Your Virginity Back?


Virginity is an integral aspect of Indian culture that determines a woman’s purity and well being in a society marked by patriarchy. What if you lose your virginity, is there any way that you could get it back? Yes, you can get back your virginity by getting an artificial hymen strip or undergo a hymen reconstruction surgery. Among the two, an artificial hymen strip stands out to be the best option in terms of safety and budget.

Regain Virginity

You Don’t Have to Bleed to be a Virgin!

There is this misconception that if a woman bleeds during the first time of sex, then she is a virgin. Well, this may be wrong and not true among all women. Medical science claims that almost half of the world’s women do not bleed during their first intercourse. Moreover, it is a misconception that women with intact hymens are virgins and those who do not bleed during their first sex are not virgins. 

There are other reasons why your hymen can break other than having sex. 

  • If you roughly use a menstrual cup.
  • Insertion of multiple fingers in the vagina.
  • Extreme stretching exercise like splits. 

What is Hymen Reconstruction Surgery?  

This is a medical procedure of stitching a broken hymen. Since the loss of virginity is considered as taboo in India, there are a few who take the manmade way of regaining back their virginity. Medically known as hymenoplasty, this surgery involves post-surgery swelling and less pain that can last for a couple of weeks. 

Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Procedure

Re-establishing a broken hymen can b a way to restore confidence among young women who had lost their virginity due to a sports activity or premarital intercourse. A hymenoplasty medical procedure has less side and is done for the purpose of reconstructing a broken hymen. The below-listed information will give you an insight into how this surgery is done.

1. General Surgery

This medical procedure is done when there are the remains of broken hymen that was damaged due to sexual intercourse or excessive stretching exercise. A doctor will stitch the remaining hymen together. You will be put on general anaesthesia and the surgery will not last for more than 40 minutes. 

2. Allopant Surgery

This a complex surgery that a doctor will recommend when there is no existing broken hymen tissue available to be stitched. In this medical procedure, the doctor will insert a biomaterial into the vagina that will act as tear-through or hymen. It takes 2 hours for this type of surgery to complete.  

3. Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

In this medical procedure, a doctor will create a new hymen using tissues from the lip of your vagina. This is the ultimate way in medical science that can help you get your virginity back. You doctor will also recommend that you do not have sexual intercourse for the next three months after surgery. 

NOTE: The above-listed surgeries must be discussed with a sexologist and gynaecologist before you decide on any of it.

Eligibility for Hymen Reconstruction

In a conservative society like India, women use religious reasons to a hymen reconstruction done as this would determine their fate during their marriage. But what needs to be noted is the fact that sex is not the ONLY reason for virginity loss. 

Excessive stretching exercises like splits, swimming and cycling can also be a cause for it. But what if you have a broken hymen? What would you do? Even if you were to get a surgery done, how eligible are you? Here is what you need to know. 

  • You need to be above 18 years of age. 
  • If you have a broken hymen due to sexual intercourse. 
  • Not suffering from any life-threatening chronic illness.

Can Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Regain Virginity?

Hymen reconstruction surgery does not literally bring back virginity because it does not guarantee that you may bleed again. Since the actual fact that a woman does not have to bleed on her first intercourse is true, most women make use of this surgery to prove a point to their husbands or loved ones. So how do you know if your wife or loved one has undergone a hymen reconstruction surgery? You can notice a stitch mark adjoining vaginal tissues in the middle. 

Can Home Remedies Get Back Virginity?

You cannot naturally regain your virginity. You can take steps to take care of the vagina. There are products sold in the market that can help fake virginity such as stips with blood cloured attachments. Here are some natural remedies that can aid in good vaginal health. 

1. Gooseberry

You must be how does gooseberry help in repairing a broken hymen. Well, it has a rich source of vitamin C that helps in keeping your muscles tight. All you need to do is to put some gooseberries in a bottle of water and cover it with a tight lid for a week. You can then apply this water to the vagina and this will help in regaining elasticity. 

2. Aloe Vera

Most often described as a ‘Wonder Plant’, aloe vera has a history of being used as a natural healer that can get back elasticity in vagina muscles. It is also used in curing vaginal infection, dryness and irritation. Talk to your doctor on how this can be used on your private parts as this is suggested based on your current health status. 

3. Pelvic Floor Exercise

This is the best natural remedy to get back your virginity. This exercise involves holding the pelvic gently and squeezing it for few seconds. The pelvic is located between the anus and vagina. Gently massage the region for 10 to 15 minutes every day. This simple exercise can be best done while getting an orgasm. Getting an orgasm aids in flexibility of vagina muscles and helps in keeping the vagina tight. 

4. Ben-wa Balls (Love Balls)

Also known as love balls, this must be inserted and removed slowly from the vagina to bring about an orgasm. So why do you have to do this? It relaxes pelvic muscles and increases sexual sensitivity. This aids in vaginal elasticity by creating orgasms that tighten the vagina. 

How to Regain Virginity?

Avoid standing in a long queue and asking for an artificial hymen at a local pharmacy when you can order it through Medlife. Virginia Care Artificial Hymen from Medlife is 100% safe from side effects and all you need to do is simply insert it into the vagina 2 hours before sexual intercourse. This is made of cellulose membranes containing synthetic blood (fake coloured blood). 

How to Apply? 

It’s simple. It is just a strip that needs to be inserted into the vagina and you can avoid surgery. 

  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Place one leg on the commode.
  • Place the artificial hymen on your index finger.
  • Use the other hand to open folds of the vagina.
  • Insert as deep as you can. 

Buy Virginia Care Artificial Hymen – Restore virginity


Virginity is an integral part of Indian marriages irrespective of women. Most men are of the assumption that a woman’s loss of virginity is associated with sexual intercourse with that of another man. This is not true because there are other reasons like cycling, swimming and gymnastics that can cause the hymen to break. Here are some frequently asked questions that will give you an insight into the concept of virginity. 

    1. Does your walk change after you lose your virginity? 

Yes, your walking style may change if you’ve lost your virginity for the first time. You might feel slightly tender and pain on your inner thighs after having sex for the first time. 

    1. How to check if a girl is a virgin?

It’s simple. Place two fingers inside the vagina to check if it goes inside smoothly without pain. This can be done by you or by a doctor. If the hymen is not broken, the girl may face severe pain even before both the fingers have been inserted.

    1. Is the hymen the same for all women? 

Different women have differently shaped hymen according to the type, thickness and shape. Some hymen may be stretchable but others are not. 

    1. What are the effects of a broken hymen? 

A woman who has lost her virginity will experience severe pain and weakness. You need to understand that the thicker a hymen is, the more painful it will be for the persons to lose her virginity. 

    1. Does sex delay your period?

First-time intercourse does not delay your period, probably if you get pregnant you may experience a delay in your period. 

Purity and virginity are considered a great deal in India and tends to become the main aspect that governs Indian marriages. If you’ve lost your virginity, you can still get it back by using artificial hymen strips that help in convincing the bridegroom that you are still a virgin. Moreover, it is recommended that you do not use an artificial hymen if you have a vaginal infection, pregnant, lactating and menstruating.


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