Quite often you have heard people say that they are either left-brained or right-brained. People have claimed time and again that they have a predominating side of the brain. You must have spent time looking at numerous infographics, television programs and taking various tests online which supposedly determine the category to which you belong. The … Continue reading “Are you left brained or right brained?”

Birth control or contraception averts an unwanted pregnancy by preventing the normal processes ranging from ovulation to implantation. Reasons of contraception can be many; let’s stay aware of the myths around it. This World Population Day, let’s talk contraception and some of the commonest myths that surround it. What is a contraceptive for? A woman’s … Continue reading “This World Population Day, Let’s talk Contraception and Myths that surround it”

Dearest Doctor, Hope you’re happy and healthy! It’s been a while since we touched base which just goes on to prove what a great doctor you are! (Since I’ve been keeping on top of my health game after that   short bout of flu, which you treated 6 months ago). And despite all that you’ve done … Continue reading “To Doc, with Love (and 1 tiny complaint) – This Doctor’s Day”

It is early Diwali for all customers! With the roll-out date of GST (1st July) being just around the block, many top notch brands are offering lucrative discounts to clear off their existing stocks. The last week of June is usually the time for the ‘end of season’ sales; however, this time around, the ‘happy … Continue reading “5 Reasons why GST could just be the BEST THING EVER!! for your psyche”

Rabiya is one of Medlife Affiliates. Read her success story on how she earned big from our affiliate program. “I am Rabiya, I am a part of tele-sales team in an ecommerce company. So, I do have a 9 to 5 job. You might be wondering how come I was interested in an affiliate program … Continue reading “How Rabiya earned big through Medlife Affiliate Program”

According to The World Health Organisation, almost 6 million people per year succumb to tobacco related diseases in one form or another. India itself has a very long history of tobacco consumption and is second only to China on the worldwide stage. This statistic is obviously nothing to be proud of and when you add … Continue reading “Mumbai Health Statistics – Cancer Cases Are Mostly Tobacco Related”

Mumbai is officially the ‘First City in India’ and as such has a sizeable population. It was founded way back in 1668 and was originally known as Bombay. Here in 2017, Mumbai continues to grow both in size and reputation. As far as healthcare is concerned, Mumbai needs a solid infrastructure that is able to … Continue reading “Medical Facilities And The State Of Healthcare In Mumbai”

You might have come across and dealt with a psychopath or a few sociopaths in your life without even knowing it. However, the media’s portrayal of people who suffer from these disorders is highly dramatized and sensationalized. This might deceive you into thinking that all those with personality disorders are as openly wicked as Hannibal … Continue reading “6 Signs to help you identify whether you are dealing with a sociopath or psychopath”

When you start to look at the large population of India and the question of medical care is touched upon, it becomes rather obvious that we need more doctors and qualified healthcare professionals than ever before. Whilst we already have an impressive track record as far as eminent physicians are concerned, there can never be … Continue reading “List of Top Medical Colleges in Mumbai”


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