Imagine this. You or your loved one fall sick and the infection just refuses to clear up. Or you are admitted to the hospital for a minor surgery, but end up contracting an infection that refuses to go away. Eventually your doctor tells you that are infected by a superbug that is not responding to … Continue reading “Is India at the epicentre of the global “antibiotic resistance” storm?”

Have you been advised to undergo a root canal treatment by your dentist? No need to worry. It’s not a big deal. Really! Why RCT? Let’s start with understanding ‘why’ a root canal treatment is needed. Each our teeth has 3 important layers (refer the image below): • Enamel (outermost layer) • Dentin (next inner … Continue reading “All you need to know about Root Canal Treatment (RCT)”

  Your cosmetics are more harmful than you think… Are you someone who never steps out of your home without sunscreen? Are you someone who never bothered about the toothpaste that you used? Are you someone who cannot live without a deodorant?                     Well, all of … Continue reading “Are there metals in my cosmetics?”


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