Skin is the mirror of your body, a hale and hearty skin is the reflection of a healthy body. Summer is already here, it is the time when our skin needs more protection and this summer don’t forget to take extra care of one of the most important parts of your body, that’s your skin. … Continue reading “5 Secrets to Get Healthy Skin This Summer”

For all cricket lovers, the IPl 2017 season is back with more fun and entertaining games. This is the most famous cricket league in India and fans have eagerly waited for this new season for more entertainment. Many fans want to see if Sunrisers Hyderabad, the defending champions will be able to defend their title. … Continue reading “10 Must Exercises for a Cricketer”

Ever wonder why you feel hungrier these days? Or why you crave for sugary treats more all of a sudden? No, it’s not a phase you are going through, and it will not pass on its own. Why, you ask? What you really need to ask is how good you have been sleeping at night … Continue reading “Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Calorie Consumption”

Calcium is a vital mineral. It is in the world health organization’s list of essential medicines. It has several important functions. These include: Helping to build strong bones and teeth Regulating muscle contractions, including heart beat Ensuring that blood clots normally National Osteoporosis Foundation states “calcium plays an important role in building stronger, denser bones … Continue reading “Calcium Deficiency in Women – How to Compensate?”

Green tea is one of the most ancient herbal teas; vastly known for its health benefits; weight loss being the most important one. Green tea extract is considered safe to consume orally or apply locally on skin, for a short period of time. However, there are a few side effects of green tea due to addition … Continue reading “How to avoid the side effects of Green Tea”

Heart health is an expensive affair, and we all are well-aware about that. However, if you manage to take all the precautionary measures, everything falls into place. Besides, who wouldn’t want a healthy heart? So, stop raising your blood pressure by listening to the price of gas, food, and medicals, instead switch to a healthy … Continue reading “6 Must Dos for a Healthy Heart”

A 7-day Cucumber Diet Plan

Cucumber diet is trending these days and why not when many with weight and fitness goals have seen results through this plan. Today’s is the world of social media and people do share fitness goals and results instantly. So, here we bring to you cucumber diet plan – a healthy plan that helps in weight … Continue reading “A 7-day Cucumber Diet Plan”

A healthy start to the day keeps a man healthy and wise. Besides, it helps one get rid of those extra pounds in the wrong places. People who have been practising yoga for years always stand by the fact that yoga asanas not just helps in being healthy but also contributes towards being happy. Here are … Continue reading “12 Yoga Asanas you should do every morning”

Many of us experience pain in the back, neck, legs and hand due to bad sitting posture in the office. But Jyoti doesn’t. She follows ergonomic tips and makes sure that she sits right in office. She always adjusts the height of the chair such that her feet are flat on the floor and thighs are … Continue reading “Ergonomic Tips for Office Goers”

Apple cider vinegar detox is a term heard very often these days. Recently, it has become very popular among users as a trick to detox or lose weight product. It does help people lose weight. It contains enzymes and acids which controls one’s appetite. Few studies also state that apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining blood sugar … Continue reading “How to do Apple Cider Vinegar Detox”


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