Common Eye Problem in Young Age


The eye is a very important organ and (one of the five special senses). We see, appreciate beauty in all its myriad forms of nature ,people and many splendid visuals. Good care has to be taken to preserve it’s unique usefulness to last a lifetime, starting with infant and young children. Babies should have clear, central black pupillary area. Any white or yellow DOT has to be checked immediately with eye specialists, for cataract or tumours. (Yes, children can also be affected with cataract) . Children can get  cataract due to injury or mother experiencing viral fever during pregnancy especially German measles. This is called congenital cataract which means it is present since birth.

School going children require an eye checkup – Are they seeing the black board well? Do they sit close to TV? or hold books close to read? Is the child not interested in playing?

Eye Problem

They may well be having refractive error which can be corrected with glasses to make them see well in each eye. squints are to be checked to see whether they can be corrected with glasses or is it due to muscle imbalance. This only the doctor– who is an eye specialist can tell. The other tendency with people is to go on getting replacement glasses for several years whenever the glasses break getting checked only with spectacle makers especially with high- myopes . The retina has to be checked for evidence of tears or small holes in the retina.

Redness in the eye maybe due to allergy or dryness due to pollutants or prolonged gazing at computer. they need lubricants. No buying medicines across the pharmacy counters. lubricants are ok. Do not repeat an old prescription given several months 1 year back for the condition on their own. Yellow discharge (liquid secretions) coming out of the eye due to acute conjunctivitis or blocked tear sac may need ophthalmic consult. It is contagious so patients affected with it should wash their hands every time they put drops and wipe with tissue. No sharing of handkerchiefs and towels. Use tissue to Wipe, Throw it and wash hands each time you touch the eye. The watering in the baby’s eye may be due to simple block of tear sac which may subside by itself otherwise it has to be cured by enlarging the passage, clearing block.

For the middle age a word of caution. Reading glasses are OK, but please get your eye pressure checked. Especially if you have family history of glaucoma. It can run in families.

The regular master health plans done in all places which covers eye check up also , DO NOT have provision for checking intra ocular pressure. Usually it is not included as part of package.


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