Complete Blood Count (CBC): Purpose and Test Result


The effects of ageing can leave you battling with loads of health issues that could be mild or severe. So how do you know that you are suffering from a health problem? It’s simple. All you need to do is to get a complete blood count test done. What is a complete blood count (CBC) test and how does it benefit a person?

Complete Blood Count Test

In simple terms, CBC is a complete blood test that is used to evaluate a person’s overall health. It also detects a wide range of disorders pertaining to the human body such as anaemia, infection, leukaemia etc. This article will provide an in-depth description of what a complete blood count test is and how it is used to detect a particular disease or illness.

Interesting Facts About Blood Test

Getting a blood test can be because of several reasons pertaining to the detection of any suspicious disease or just to check a person’s overall health. You may be advised by a doctor to get a blood test if he/she suspects that your health needs to be understood in-depth. However, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about a blood test.

  • Not all blood tests require fasting. A fasting blood test involves fasting for a minimum of eight hours before getting one done. This type of blood test is done to measure nutrients from what food you consume.
  • In most fasting blood tests, it is totally fine to drink water as it hydrates your veins and makes it easy for a phlebotomist to draw blood samples.
  • More than figuring out the existence of a disease through a blood test, doctors also use the blood samples to figure out how treatments work.
  • The blood tests that usually require fasting are lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, vitamin B12 test, renal function panel, Iron test and gamma-glutamyl transferase.

Purpose of Getting A CBC Test Done

In order to evaluate your entire health, your doctor may recommend a complete blood count test (CBC). This may be done if you are suffering from symptoms of fatigue, fever, bleeding etc. However, the below-listed points will give an insight as to why you need a complete blood test done.

1. Evaluate Your Overall Health

The primary reason for your doctor to recommend a CBC test to generally know the progress of your health, if he/she suspects any form of illness and disorders such as leukaemia and anaemia. A CBC helps in detecting a wide range of health problems that you may be dealing with.

2. To Diagnose You

In case you are suffering from symptoms such as body weakness, fever fatigue or any form of inflammation, then your doctor may suggest a CBC test to understand your illness and therefore diagnose you. Also, a CBC test will help the doctor to figure out signs and symptoms of the disease you may be prone to.

3. To Monitor Your Condition

If you have already been diagnosed with any kind of blood disorder, then your doctor may recommend that you go in for a complete blood count (CBC) test regularly to keep a note of your condition. This will help you understand the sickness in-depth and will guide your doctor in figuring out a cure for your disease.

4. To Keep Note Of Your Medical Treatment

Getting a CBC test done will also understand if the treatment used is right or not depending on your body condition. However, your doctor will need to keep a note on the type of treatment used to cure your disease. This test will also show results if your medication is affecting any sort of blood cell counts.

CBC Test Measurement

There are several parameters on which a complete blood count test is measured. There is a normal rating for all these tests, based on which it will indicate that you are normal. Here is a list of parameters that a complete blood test is done including its normal rating.

CBC Parameters  Definition  Normal Rating 
White Blood Cells These cells are found in the immune system. They fight infection by protecting your body from diseases or any illness. 4,500 to 10,000 cells per

microliter (cells/mcL).

Red Blood Cells These cells carry oxygen to the other parts of the body and deliver carbon dioxide to your lungs.
  • Men:14 to 17grams per deciliter.
  • Women: 12 to 15 grams per deciliter.
Haemoglobin This holds oxygen in your blood. It is found in each red blood cell.
  • Men:14 to 17grams per deciliter
  • Women: 12 to 15 grams per deciliter
Hematocrit It refers to the number of red blood cells present in your blood.
  • Men: The normal rating is 40%.
  • Women: The normal rating is 31%.
Platelets Platelets tin components found in your blood that prevents bleeding and blood clots. 140,000 to 450,000 cells per

Microliter (cells/mcL).

Note: The above-listed facts are measured to understand the illness you may be suffering or dealing with.

CBC Test Result

Ultimately, what matters for a doctor and patient is the result of your CBC test. Your test result will give you a clear-cut understanding of what type of sickness you may be dealing with. These results are what you can expect from a complete blood count test.

  • White Blood Cells: Low levels of white blood cell count can symbolise that you may be suffering from leukopenia or an autoimmune disorder that destroys white blood cells. If it is on the higher than normal rating, then this would indicate that you may be suffering from an infection or inflammation.
  • Red Blood Cells / Hemoglobin / Hematocrit: Al these 3 are interrelated with each other such that each is used to measure your red blood cells. If your CBC test shows that you have low or higher amounts in any of these areas, then it could indicate that you may be suffering from anaemia. Also, if all these three aspects show higher levels, then it could be a sign that you may be suffering from heart disease.
  • Platelets: If your platelet count is higher or lower, then this could indicate signs of some medication that causes some sort of side-effect on your body.

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