Dengue is Spreading Fast in Delhi: 650 Cases in 2 Weeks


Delhi is experiencing a steep rise in the number of people being affected by Dengue. According to reports 650 cases have been registered in the past 2 weeks. The fluctuating climatic condition in Delhi is deemed as the reason behind the sudden spread of dengue. Last week alone saw 488 cases being registered under dengue. The harsh climatic conditions are also taking a toll on the overall immunity of the residents of Delhi.

Last week also saw 77 cases of Malaria and 68 cases of chikungunya causing an alarming situation for the healthcare sector of Delhi. The general health status of the people is dropping with the agitating weather circumstances. The intermittent rains are providing favourable breeding grounds to mosquitos making the epidemic spread at a faster pace.

Dengue is Spreading Fast in Delhi

According to the SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation), the total number of dengue cases has gone up to 1644 this year. This has caused a huge havoc in the public administration bodies. In the latest report from breeding checkers, 1,92,928 houses were found to be active breeding grounds for mosquitoes in Delhi.

According to reports 1,58,067 households were served legal notices to ensure the immediate rectification of the situation by making sure that all breeding grounds are eliminated at a faster pace. 22,240 individuals have been prosecuted for maintaining conditions that can be a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The hospitals in Delhi are facing a huge number of cases registered under dengue, malaria, chikungunya and viral flu. The government bodies are pushing the local bodies to enhance the vector-control measure to eliminate the breeding grounds for mosquitos. Diseases that are spread by mosquitoes are called vector-borne diseases and last year Delhi experienced an overall of 9,271 cases of vector-borne diseases which claimed the lives of 10 individuals.

Symptoms of Dengue:

Dengue is a virus-borne disease that presents certain classic symptoms. It usually takes about 4-10 days of incubation for dengue to start exhibiting symptoms. With its prevalence on the rise, if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms it’s safe that you consult a doctor soon. Here are some of the symptoms for Dengue1:-

  1. Sudden High Fever
  2. Headaches, Joint Pains
  3. Severe Abdominal Pain
  4. Fatigue
  5. Rashes or Bleeding Gums
  6. Pain Behind Eyes
  7. Swollen Glands
  8. Vomiting

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How to Prevent Dengue?

Dengue can be prevented by taking care of the basic hygiene of the surroundings you reside in. Keeping yourself away from mosquitos plays an important role in preventing Dengue. Here are some precautionary measures that you can follow to keep yourself safe from dengue:

  • Use Mosquito Nets: Mosquito nets around your house on all windows and in the bedroom can help you keep mosquitos away without using harmful mosquito repellents.
  • Dry out Water Coolers: If you are not using the water coolers in your house, make sure that you clean them and keep them dry. There are a lot of cases where mosquitos have bred in the stagnant water inside coolers.
  • Wear Clothes that Cover you: Wear full sleeves and full trousers when you step outside to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Use Mosquito Repellents: mosquito repellents can help keep away the mosquitos from your house and body. With dengue on the rise, it is wise to keep using mosquito repellent.
  • Avoid Contaminated Spaces: Do not go walking into places with poor hygiene that can potentially have multiple breeding grounds for mosquitos.
  • Clean your Surroundings: Stagnant water bodies are the major cause for the spread of diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Do a regular check of your surroundings and ensure that there are no stagnant water bodies collected around your house.

News On Dengue:

Mosquito Menace Creates 830 Cases of Dengue in Delhi:


The number of dengue cases has increased in Delhi wherein 830 people were diagnosed with vector-borne disease this month. What’s shocking is that only 42% of the cases were reported and the report reads states that nearly 350 cases came to light in the first two weeks of October.

Apart from dengue, 385 cases were people suffering from malaria and 97 from chikungunya recorded until October 13. Doctors in the capital city have advised all to take necessary precaution in the form of wearing full sleeves clothes in order to protect themselves from breeding mosquitoes.

Also, the state government has cautioned everyone in the state to keep water coolers dry since this acts as a breeding ground for breeding mosquitoes. Mosquito nets have to be used in all homes in Delhi and this will act as a precautionary measure.

As per government statistics, there were 1, 87,239 households in the city that were observed as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This report dates until 11 October. On an overall basis, statistics reveal that there were 9,271 people in the city who were affected in 2017. Following the number, 830 people suffering from dengue in October 2018 shows that the number is on the rise and the government has to act fast.

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