Women are more depressed than men. Know why.


It’s World Health Day on 7th of April and this year’s theme is Depression. The best we can do is spread awareness around Depression and here’s an effort to do that. Research states that women are more depressed than men. This post throw some light on why depression in women is more common.

Whilst depression is a condition that seems to be on the rise, recent studies have revealed that women are more likely to face it than their male counterparts. This somewhat uneven distribution amongst both genders certainly warrants some investigation. The very fact that women are twice as likely to experience depression, compared, to men seems to beggar belief. So let’s look at a few proven reasons why women face depression more than men.

Know why depression in women is more common

Stress and Sad


There is little doubt that stress is a major factor as far as depression is concerned, but do woman suffer more from this condition than men? Well, they are far more likely to get heavily involved in personal relationships and we all know how stressful this can be when those feelings are not reciprocated. As far as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, is concerned, women are four times more likely to have to deal with this than males. The further away you live from the equator, the more likely it is that SAD will have a negative effect on your emotions.


Of course, women are going to be more sensitive than men; that is simply the way both sexes are wired. Perhaps when things are not going that well, the fairer sex will have a harder time trying to move onto the next option. The woman often plays a larger part in how a family manages daily. When you add children into the mix, well it does seem to make a strong case for why woman deal with depression far more often than men are likely to.

Puberty strikes

Girls and boys are known to have the same chance of suffering from depression up until the age of 11 or 13. Once the hormones start to develop, the balance shifts somewhat. Adolescence is a tricky age even without the threat of depression. Once the girls hit 15, they are twice as likely as their male classmates to be faced with the despair and potentially destructive symptoms that depression often brings to the table.



The childbearing years have been highlighted as the most vulnerable time for women to suffer from depression. We’ve already discussed how when girls start the journey into adulthood, their chances of experiencing depression are doubled, however, add a few more years to that equation and things really start to get out of hand. Hormonal changes abound and the female set of emotions start to become fully charged. The menstrual cycle is renowned for contributing to a woman’s bad moods and plenty of tense arguments amongst couples. The way that a woman’s hormones can go through the roof one minute and drop to the floor the next, all add up to some serious relevant factors for depression to rear its ugly head.

Longevity and menopause

Fact: women live longer than men…discuss. But seriously, old age is not always a blessing. Just think about the bereavements, the loss of a partner and poor health that usually occur; these are all pertinent cause of depression. The menopause is another physical condition that is exclusive to women and it hits many of them very hard. The fact that men can’t really relate to the menopause and are therefore unable to offer any real empathy surely increases the likelihood of depression developing in women in this age range.

Other reasons

  • Women tend to think about events and issues far more than men and this ruminative disposition leads to mood swings and potential depression issues.
  • As far as relationships are concerned, women will put more of themselves into the whole shebang and should the partnership ever hit the skids, well they will tend to end up carrying more emotional baggage around far longer than their ex-partners’ ever will.
  • Just think about the expectations placed on women’s shoulders with regards to bringing up a family, holding down a decent job and looking after older family members and you’ll start to understand that all things are certainly not equal, not even close.

Seem familiar?

For all the women reading this article and going through depression, we really do feel for your cause and should you wish to speak to a health professional about your emotions and potential issues, we’d advise that you stop reading now and reach for some help sooner rather than later. For their partners, please try to help more and do your fair share around the house and spend a little more time tending to their needs.

Depression is rife here in 2017 and it will only continue to get worse for women unless we all try our best to understand and overcome this terribly unfair condition.

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