How Diabetes can lead to Depression


It’s World Health Day on 7th of April and this year’s theme is Depression. The best we can do is spread awareness around Depression and here’s an effort to do that. Depression can be due to different reasons and strangely, diseases like diabetes can lead to Depression.

Depression is a mood disorder that is brought about by a persistent sadness feeling and lack of interest. It affects how someone feels, behaves and think and as a result, can lead to a physical and emotional breakdown. Once moods being down occasionally is quite reasonable. However, there are people whose feeling of sadness can’t just go away. To them, life looks hopeless.

How Diabetes can lead to Depression



Diabetic people do not have depression but are at higher risk of getting depression as compared to those people without diabetes. This is so because diabetes requires a lot of resources to manage it daily. The management process can be so stressful and can lead to depression. One needs to regularly watch diet, keep on checking sugar levels and so forth. This extra work can make one feel lonely and separated from other family members leading to depression.

There are times when one can face complications like nerve damage due to diabetes, or one might have problems regulating blood sugar levels. This makes one so frustrated and gets the feeling that one is losing control of managing his or her diabetes condition. The sense of frustration and things getting out of hand may lead to depression.

Some people live in denial and do not want to accept their conditions. Diabetic patients are not an exception and many of them live in denial. This denial is because of depression. Patients at this level become incapable of performing diabetes self-care practices. Regular checking of blood sugar level may become too tedious for people in this category. At this stage, one lacks the energy or zeal to soldier on. Eating becomes a problem, and this might affect one’s health.

Tips for getting rid of depression


The first tip of getting rid of depression is acceptance. One must first accept his or her condition as diabetic. It is not the end of life once you find out that you have diabetes. People living with diabetes can live a normal life like those without diabetes. All one needs to do is positively adopt the diabetes management practices such as checking diet, exercising regularly, always checking the blood sugar level among others.

It is always important to seek help from a professional if one notices sign and symptoms of depression. Don’t be afraid and keep things to yourself on the road to recovery is through sharing your experiences. Talk to your doctor, and he will give you the necessary advice concerning your condition. Your doctor might refer you to a health professional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or professional counsellor.

Psychotherapy with a professional health care provider is the other tip of overcoming depression. A therapist will help you analyse the problems leading to depression and help find ways of solving the problem.

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