Diabetes Foot Care and Foot Wear Benefits


Diabetes is one of the most concerning health conditions of the modern world. The changing lifestyle and demanding careers forcing unhealthy eating patterns are some of the leading causes of diabetes. There is a huge section of society that is affected by this ailment and continually depends on insulin shots and other forms of medication.

One of the major concerns among diabetic patients is the high affinity towards foot injuries and ulcers. This is a growing concern that affects most diabetic patients. The increased glucose content in the bloodstream combined with neurological problems makes the healing process of the body in an event of a bruise really slow, opening doors for various kinds of infections.

Diabetes Footwear Benefits

Diabetic foot care is, therefore, a very crucial aspect of overall diabetic care and cannot be taken lightly. In this article, we will try to inform you about the basics of diabetic foot care and the benefits of diabetic footwear.

What is Diabetes Mellitus & How Does it Affect You?

Diabetes, also known as Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic condition that affects almost 6% of the global population with higher cases registered amongst the elderly. Colloquially known as blood sugar in India, Diabetes Mellitus is a potentially fatal disease that has no cure.

A large percentage of diabetes cases are registered under type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, your body fails to produce enough insulin to maintain a safe blood glucose level and the cells become resistant to insulin causing a myriad of further issues within the body’s internal mechanism.

In type 1 diabetes the pancreas becomes completely inefficient in producing insulin hence producing problems due to low insulin levels. Type 1 diabetes is usually mitigated using insulin shots on a regular basis. Type 2 diabetes, however, requires a strict diet plan and workout regimen to be kept under control.

Diabetes is a primal condition that can affect you with a wide variety of complications. Some of the effects on health that can be caused due to diabetes are :

1. Nervous System and Brain Related Issues:

Patients suffering from diabetes has an increased chance by almost 4 times than normal to suffer a brain stroke. Patients with undiagnosed diabetics have been reported to be having continuous episodes of dizziness and blackouts. Most diabetic patients also suffer from a tingling sensation on nerve ends as it has a lasting impact on the nervous system of the body. In some extreme cases, patients also experience pain similar to needle pricks on their body due to nervous malfunction.

2. Heart and Blood Pressure:

Diabetics pose an extreme threat to your cardiovascular systems. According to various studies, it is proven that 1 out of 3 diabetics develop hypertension. This increased blood pressure may prove fatal to the well being of the patient’s heart. If left unchecked diabetes can trigger the development of chronic heart diseases that can be very fatal to the patient’s life itself.

3. Kidney:

Diabetes is very fatal to the health of your kidneys. The increased blood glucose levels make it really hard for the nephrons in the kidney to purify your blood. If the patient also suffers from hypertension or vein damage due to diabetes, there is a significantly higher chance that he/she could be a victim of kidney failure. We all know the difficulty in getting a kidney replacement done, thus making this one of the most fatal effects of diabetics.

4. Eyes and Veins:

Diabetes is very much visible from the patient eyes. It can be observed that a patient suffering from diabetics has visible changes in the shape of his/her eyes as the cornea is introduced to a higher influx of water. The risks of cataract and glaucoma are also higher for patients suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes also poses a grave threat to the health of your veins. The accumulation of excess blood sugar can do lasting damages to the walls of your vein, which could lead to further problems to the status of your overall health.

Apart from the above effects there are a variety of other issues that can be caused due to diabetes. Most diabetic patients faces problem with stomach and digestion as the irregular blood glucose levels affect the speed of digestion delaying it by a considerable amount of time. It also affects the absorption through the intestine and often presents symptoms including loss of appetite and heartburn.

Ketone creation is one another very crucial issue with diabetics since your body doesn’t metabolize the existing blood glucose, it depends on fat sources and creates ketones which are often used in weight reducing keto therapy. This sudden influx of ketones is very dangerous as it increases the chances of the patient developing further complications.

Diabetes also has very harmful effects on your skin, causing dry skin and itchy patches if not moisturized properly.

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Why is Foot Care So Important to Those with Diabetes?

Foot care is one of the most important aspects of overall diabetes care. Diabetes foot care is stressed upon by every doctor and medical practitioners across the globe. There are a wide variety of reasons why Diabetes foot care is very crucial for patients with diabetes. Here are some reasons why you can’t choose to ignore the issue:

  • There is extensive damage to the brain that happens when one is afflicted with diabetes. This damage could easily spread to the feet if not detected. Medically known as peripheral neuropathy this makes the upkeep of your foot essential if you are suffering from diabetes.
  • Diabetes affects your blood circulation schematics in a crucial manner, poor circulation can lead to multiple problems effectively slowing down the healing process of the body. Since legs are more prone to accidental damages and have a higher chance of remaining undetected, it’s important that you have proper diabetic foot care regimen in place while fighting diabetes.
  • PAD expanded as peripheral arterial disease presents itself with symptoms including a tingling sensation in the foot sometimes with pain. It also affects the walking ability of the patient as the walking patterns become really abrupt due to nerve incoordination.
  • Simple damages to the skin of your feet will not be felt due to peripheral neuropathy. This makes it more prone to infections as the healing capacity of the body is already low due to diabetes. Since there is a possibility that you will only detect the injury after a long time, the infection could spread and could become fatal, sometimes even leading to the amputation of the leg.
  • Foot ulcers are very common among diabetes patients and it often develops into a further complication. Foot ulcers are really painful yet the peripheral neuropathy can make it undetected for a long period of time. Corns and Callus can form into ulcers which can have a serious impact on the overall health of your foot if you are suffering from diabetes. Since ulcers can occur due to an increased pressure in any part of the feet, it is very easy to occur. Using corn caps can lead to even further problems as it can make the healing process messier making the ulcer an active portal for more infections to spread.
  • Charcot’s Joints is a serious condition associated with diabetes, often causing severe damage to the legs. Medically known as neuropathic arthropathy this condition lead to gradual degradation of bones. It becomes extremely dangerous when combined with peripheral neuropathy wherein the patient fails to recognize the disability in the joints leading to massive bone loss making the joints absolutely useless in the long run. Most patients are affected with deformity as a result of Charcot’s joints.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Foot Care If You have Diabetes.

Now that you have understood the risks that diabetes poses to your feet, you need to know about the major misconceptions when it comes to diabetic foot care. Below is the list of do’s and don’ts if you are suffering from diabetes and needs to take care of your feet.

Foot Care Tips for Diabetics:

Diabetic foot care is one of the most important aspects of diabetic care, it is very important that you look after your feet in the right style to avoid serious complication that can arise due to diabetes. Here are some highly useful tips that you can use to make sure that your feet are maintained in the perfect fashion in a healthy and non-risky manner.

  • Wash and dry your feet on a daily basis:

It’s highly advisable that you do a wash and dry for your feet when you take your daily showers. Keep in mind that you do not rub hard on your feet as it might be delicate and can lead to bruises or cuts. Resort to patting your skin dry with a soft towel or tissue, make sure your feet are completely dry before you step out or wear your diabetic footwear. Apply moisturizer to keep your feet hydrated and to avoid cracks. But do remember to never apply it between your toes.

  • Do Feet checkups on a daily basis:

Never go to sleep without doing you a check on your feet. It might be difficult for you to wash and dry your feet while traveling, but please make sure that you check your feet for any cuts, bruises or sores. If you notice any abnormality including increased redness, sore or extra warmth in any one region be sure you get it checked out soon. If you discover any blisters during your check, ensure that you don’t break it but gently put a bandage on top and start using a different set of shoes until you can avail medical assistance. Check specifically for corns and calluses as they can prove to be very dangerous and can become a cesspool for infectious organisms very soon. Also, check if there are any ingrowing toenails and get it checked with a podiatrist soon.

  • Keep your feet safe with fitting diabetic footwear:

It’s very important that you select the right diabetic footwear as it has the responsibility of keeping your feet safe from both inside and outside. Also, make sure that your diabetic footwear is apt for the weather conditions outside so that your feet do not get affected by hot or cold climatic conditions. Avoid wearing high heels or footwear of other fashions that can cause tension to any part of your feet. Always use clean socks and never try on a new shoe for more than an hour as it can cause bruises or cuts due to bad fitting.

  • Do not wait to see the doctor:

If you find something wrong with your feet while doing your checkup or otherwise, do not wait long before you consult a doctor. Especially if you find any of the below-listed symptoms on your feet:

  • Visible sores or wounds around your foot.
  • Developing cracks between toes also known as Athlete’s foot.
  • Corns or Calluses
  • Bending of the middle joints of toes in a downward fashion ( Hammer Toes)
  • Toenails growing inwards
  • Redness or blackening of skin
  • Bunions (A painful hump below the big toe)
  • Infections

Diabetic Footwear Benefits: Why Use Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic footwear is an important part of the diabetics care package. It goes without saying that healthy feet can only be maintained by the choice of the right kind of footwear. A diabetic footwear has to be made under strict guidelines pertaining to a fashion where maximum protection and minimum stress is given to the patient.

Using a diabetic footwear is imperative since it is highly possible for a diabetic to have a wrong feeling about the safety of his/her feet as it is often not a sensible region for them due to peripheral neuropathy. The feet are highly subjected to accidental cuts or bruises, even if you are wearing a normal shoe, an ulcer can happen within a span of a few hours and can remain completely undetected if a person is suffering from diabetes.

There are multiple benefits of using the right fitting diabetic footwear:

  • It reduces the risks of developing accidental cuts and bruises on your feet.
  • It eliminates the possibility of developing sore feet which happens often with wrong fitting shoes
  • The custom soles keeps your feet moist and prevents complications rising from dry skin on your feet.
  • It can be adapted to any size as per requirement making it easy for diabetics as neuropathy can bring about sizeable changes to the size of the patient’s feet, often making it hard for them to find the right fitting shoes.
  • Diabetic footwear is mostly tailor-made according to the patients need, which drastically improves the mobility of the patient by reducing the chances of damage.
  • Complications arising from foot injuries can lead until amputation of the limb which can be prevented by wearing the right fitting shoes.
  • Diabetic Footwear can help a lot in reducing the symptoms of PAD (peripheral arterial disease).

What Shoes Should Diabetics Wear?

A diabetic patient must be very careful when it comes to choosing the right type of footwear. Even though there are multiple vendors who sell diabetic footwear, it is very essential that you always do check on the the genuinity of the product as there are so many fake products available in the market. If you are in India, Medlife diabetic footwear is one of the trusted products that can deliver all the benefits of diabetic footwear as promised.

While choosing a diabetic footwear you must make sure the fitting is right. It is advisable that you get the right size check from a qualified podiatrist or even you consulting doctor to ensure that shoes provide you with the basic support required from the product.

Always keep in mind that all diabetic footwear comes with a removable orthosis. Orthosis is shoe inserts that help to keep your feet inside in the correct position and will include components such as arch supports, wedges and heels based on the shape and size of the patient’s feet.

Survey on Diabetes Footwear:

In a recent study done in Lagos, Nigeria on a group of 41 patients with type 2 diabetes from an average age group of 57, results revealed that almost 68% of the footwear used by them was inappropriate. However, the study revealed promising results regarding other matters of diabetic footwear such as awareness about diabetic foot care where about 90% of the test group were aware of the footwear requirement.

Almost 83% of the test group did regular cleaning of their feet and about 51% of the test group did regular deep check up on their feet. However, the 68% result showing the wrong type of footwear with unsatisfactory built is a cause of concern.

Features & Specification of Medlife Diabetic Footwear:

Taking your diabetic footwear from a trusted source is very important while choosing the right kind of footwear. Medlife.com is a trusted source of pharmaceuticals in India, providing online delivery at your doorstep.

Medlife’s diabetic and orthopedic footwear comes designed to be of superb assistance for patients suffering from the below-listed ailments:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arch Pain or Strain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Hammer Toes
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Arthritis

The Medlife Diabetic Footwear comes with a list of special features that are bound to make your foot feel completely protected and provides the utmost comfort possible. Here is a list of features that can are added to Medlife Diabetic Footwear to ensure complete safety for your feet.

  • Design made to provide lasting relief from painful foot conditions caused due to neuropathy.
  • Capability to offload pressure from stressed areas and distribute it evenly.
  • A durable design which is intentionally made flexible and lightweight for your comfort.
  • The special inclusion of MCP footbed providing additional comfort and stability to your feet.
  • Options that aids you in doing a complete biomechanical realignment.
  • Outsole made with extra durable rubber providing additional grip on slippery surfaces.

Loaded with these benefits, the medlife diabetic footwear is made available for your comfort at a 37% discount which makes the company’s motto to provide affordable medical care for patients suffering from diabetes very clear.

Diabetics are people who have to undergo a drastic lifestyle change when diagnosed and providing comfortable feet to do that is one of the major achievements according to medlife. Make sure you use the right fitting shoes and join hands in the fight against diabetics.

Dr. Madhu Sudan Sahoo
Dr. Madhu Sudan Sahoo is a diabetologist practicing at Paradise Health Centre, Chhattarpur, Delhi. With over 8 years of experience, he is an expert in treating diabetes and gastro-related issues. He completed his M.B.B.S degree from Luzhou Medical College, Sichuan, China in 2012. He is a member of APICON, India. Every month for five days Dr. Sahoo runs free camps where he conducts tests for free for diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems and also distributes free medicines on those days.



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