Diet Supplements to Lose Weight: Benefits and Risks


If you are wondering how to reduce weight and prefer consuming nutritional drinks for a quick weight loss, you may be wrong. Nutritional drinks make you lose weight quickly, but once stopped, you may turn out to be heavier than earlier.

It is advised that you consult a professional dietitian who will check your body condition and then prescribe a planned suitable diet. Also, remember without the right kind of exercise and diet, there cannot be weight loss. If weight loss happens only due to dietary supplements without enough exercise, then be sure that you are not physically burning fat. Physical exercise is very important if your dieting.

Diet Supplements Lose Weight

This article will give you an insight into the benefits and risks pertaining to the consumption of dietary supplements. Before you know the benefits of dietary supplements, let’s understand what are dietary supplements.

What Are Diet Supplements?

Dietary supplements are alternative supplements that consist of vitamins and minerals, herbs, amino acids and enzymes that can be consumed in the form of tablets, liquid, capsules. Dietary supplements are designed in such a way that you consume more of nutrients every day that includes vitamins and minerals.

Some of the substances used in dietary supplements are herbal products, amino acids, fatty acids and oils, and probiotics. All of these are generally used to burn body fat in your body. However, there is scientific evidence that proves dietary supplements are beneficial for overall health.

Some dietary drinks do have calcium and Vitamin D, Folic acids and fatty acids taken from fish oils. If you do not eat nutritious food and consume dietary supplements, you may end up consuming more of essential nutrients that may cause harm. Thus a planned prescribed diet along with intake of dietary supplements will ensure that your body stays balanced.

Benefits of Weight loss Diet Supplements:

Most weight loss dietary supplements have been designed to burn fat with a minimal amount of exercise. This may affect individuals depending on their body condition. Without any sort of exercising, you cannot expect your body to be as healthy. Also, most sellers of weight loss dietary supplements claim that their products prevent your body from absorbing fat thus bringing down your appetite level.

  • Makes you lose weight quickly
  • Burns fat quickly with less exercising/workout

Note: If you are planning to take weight loss dietary supplements, do consult a healthcare professional and make sure that what you are going to take is advisable.

Risks With Weight loss Diet Supplements:

If you come across late-night telemarketing shows that talk about weight loss, then you need to watch out for anything that’s conveyed on such shows. One such advertising commercial marketed by telemarketing is the slimming pills that are made up of hydroxyl that makes you lose weight quickly.

Always remember that if something that comes with fast relief has a load of risks associated with it. These pills are said to slow down the functions of your liver and cause damage to your pancreas. You need to understand that these weight loss pills have not been tested medically in terms of their drugs included. So do not get carried away by such ads that sound flowery.

Things to Know Before Taking Diet Supplements:

Before you decide to take any dietary supplement to treat weight loss, make it a point to consult a dietitian. Do not take diet supplements along with any other pills prescribed for any sort of illness. In simple, before you take any sort diet supplement, raise questions in your mind such as:

  • What would be the benefit of consuming this diet supplement?
  • Is there any sort of risks associated with its consumption?
  • How much should I consume according to my body condition?; and
  • How long do I take it?

Do your primary research on every single aspect pertaining to different types of dietary supplements. Also, make sure that it is a trusted drink and for this, you need to consult your family doctor or a dietitian. Tabulate the findings of your research and provide the list of those to a dietitian, so that he/she can review it and prescribe what’s best for you.

Popular Weight Loss Supplements:

The below-listed weight loss pills are scientifically tested and will help you lose weight by cutting down on your appetite and reduces the fat absorbed by your body. Here is a list of pills that are safe to consume.

Note: It is recommended that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any of the below-listed pills.

1. Garcinia Cambogia:

This weight loss pill was recognised after it was first featured on Dr Oz show in 2012. Shaped like tiny pumpkin, this pill contains hydroxycitric acid that’s responsible for increasing exercising which in a way leads to weight loss. Primarily, this pill functions by reducing your food craving attitude so that you don’t keep munching.

Side effects: Results in indigestion if not advised by a medical practitioner.

2. Hydroxycut:

This pill has been in existence for over a decade and is one among the popular weight loss pills available in the world. Hydroxycut contains some plant extracts and caffeine that results in weight loss.

Side effects: If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may develop anxiety, nausea, irritating feeling, insomnia and tremors.

3. Orlistat:

This is a pill sold in the name called Alli. This pill works by breaking down fat in the gut, thus giving you a feeling of consuming less fat. If prescribed by a doctor, this pill is sold under the name called Xenical. Few case state that Orlistat reduces blood pressure and also prevents you from the risk of type 2 diabetes. While consuming Orlistat, it is highly recommended that you stick to a low-fat diet.

Side effects: This pill causes digestive disadvantages such as oily motion (Stool).

4. Caffeine:

Caffeine is the world’s most consumed drug that is found in dark chocolate, green tea and coffee. It boosts your metabolism and is mostly found in weight loss supplements. Caffeine is used to increase the pace of burning fat. However, there is no need to consume any pill that contains caffeine, instead, you can directly consume coffee or green tea.

Side effects: Excess consumption of caffeine also has its drawbacks and may lead to anxiety, insomnia, nausea and diarrhoea. Majorly, it reduces your sleep and if you don’t have enough body sleep and rest, it will lead to death.

5. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA):

This is one of the most popular and healthy trans fat available in the market. It is found naturally in some animal foods (Eg. Butter & cheese). It usually works by breaking down body fat and boost your metabolism.

Side effects: CLA is responsible for various digestive side effects that affect you in the long term that causes insulin resistance, inflammation and fatty liver.


1. Can pregnant women take diet supplements?

It is not advised to take any diet supplement during pregnancy. If your pregnant and suffering from any diabetes, heart-related disease or hypertension, then you need to check with your healthcare provider before consuming any diet supplement. Also, make sure you research on the the type of diet supplement you are about to consume and show your doctor and let him decide if you can take it depending on your body condition.

2. When do I need Diet supplements?

Most often diet supplements are consumed when people are over fat. Since fat people cannot exercise very often, diet supplements act as suppliers of essential nutrients that promote weight loss with less exercising. Keep in mind that diet supplements are not built to treat or prevent any disease. Consult a dietitian who will certify you to consume diet supplements.

3. What are the side effects of Diet Pills?

If anyone tells you to take pills to reduce weight quickly, then you need to know that you are prone to a number of side effects that may show up soon. Some the side effects of consuming weight loss pills are dry mouth, constipation, headache, insomnia, sore throat, running nose etc.

Eating Fast-Food Causes People Opting Diet Supplements:

With changes in lifestyle, Indians prefer consuming food that is instant and cooked fast. Thus most working class individuals consume food outside and thereby end up adding on weight or developing critical diseases.

In order to solve the problem of weight loss, dietary supplements are said to provide most of the nutrition to your body that will burn body fat. This means that you are not physically exercising to burn fat in the body and thus relying on the nutritional drink to do with minimal physical exercise. There is a difference between a qualified dietitian and a marketing nutritional drink professional.

In case you ever get into a conversation with a person who is not a doctor, and who talks great about a supplementary drink that helps you lose weight, be sure that it’s a con. Always consult a professional dietitian who can prescribe a diet based on your body condition.

There are risks pertaining to dietary supplements, however, if consumed without medical consultation, it may be risky. Well, it all goes down to the popular saying that Health is Wealth. Your life comes once and it has to treated with utmost care and guidance from a medical professional.

News on Diet Supplements: banned for Selling Weight Loss Supplements:

– 03 Oct 2018

The e-commerce giant has been banned from selling weight loss and food supplements due to misleading advertisements to customers. The company stated that it had not misled customers but instead wanted them to navigate the website that would enable them to buy what they want.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has identified the issue as false representation of goods and urged the website to remove the category.

The name of the category that was displayed on the website was ‘Slimming Aids’ & ‘Weight Loss’, and it seemed misleading as the category referred to weight loss, while the product information was completely different.

The ASA also told Amazon that it should not place food supplements under ‘Slimming Aids’ and ‘Weight Loss’ unless the products were found to be healthy.

In response to what the ASA has to declare, Amazon stated that ‘Weight Loss’ and ‘Slimming Aids’ were related to food supplements and food supplements could help in weight loss.

Moreover, the company disagrees with the judgement of the ASA but has ensured the removal of the categories listed by them.


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