“Ditch the workout – Join the party” – Let’s Zumba..!!


Bored of your monotonous workout routine at a gym ? Looking for something as effective and at the same time interesting and fun ? Then don’t think twice and immediately book a trial Zumba class near you. Maximum chances are in favour of you instantly falling in love with the format which is taking the world by storm; and signing up for regular classes there and then.


Zumba is a dance fitness program that involves grooving on the beats of merengue, salsa, reggeaton, cumbia etc and give more of a party feeling than a workout which is exactly why it is so popular around the world. Zumba has picked up some of the basic moves from the rhythms around the world and added a fitness variation to them to make the moves effective and easy. Zumba has elements of cardio that burns excess calories and easy to follow dance moves that helps tone the entire body. The classes are an hour long and can only be taken by licensed instructors. The program is super effective and you burn anything between 600 – 800 calories per session. To spice it up further Zumba has also added rhythms like Bollywood, Bhangra and other folk dances from India.


Zumba has a lot of benefits like full body workout, improving coordination and its a great stress buster. Depending on your interest, capacity and age you can choose any of the Zumba speciality from the list below :

  1. Zumba Fitness – An hour of Zumba with a mix of high, low and moderate intensity routines.
  2. Zumba Kids and Kids Jr – It is very similar to Zumba fitness only the regime are specially designed for kids between the age of 4-12 years.
  3. Zumba Gold – A regular Zumba fitness class but the routines are created for aged people.
  4. Zumba Toning – It involves cardio and body toning exercises by engaging the major muscle groups in our body using the toning sticks.
  5. Zumba Sentao – it uses body weight and a chair to work on body toning.
  6. Aqua Zumba – It is a regular Zumba fitness class that is performed inside a swimming pool
  7. Strong by Zumba SYNC – it combines muscle conditioning, body weight, cardio and plyometric training moves that are synced on the original music that is specifically designed to match every single move.


So are you ready..? Do login to www.zumba.com to find a class near you.


See you Dance floor..!


P.S. Zumba is a dance based fitness format invented by Alberto Beto Perez by mistake. Yes you got it right.. it was by mistake that this sensational workout came into existence. Once Beto forgot to take his aerobics tapes to his class, the very next moment he picked up a Latin dance music cassette from his bag and taught his first Zumba class. Later Beto moved to Miami and thats where Zumba was born.

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